Windows Phone vs Android Phone : Ultimate Face-Off

You would think that choosing a phone is hard enough, but throw different operating systems into the mix and you can easily be left baffled! So what’s the difference between a smartphone that runs Windows Phone compared to one that’s powered by Android?

Comparison Between Windows Phone Vs Android Phone

Traditional vs the colorful design

Comparing the design of the Windows operating system for mobile with that of Android’s, the two operating systems couldn’t look more
Google has taken the more traditional route with Android, offering upscreens with neat rows of app icons which can be swapped around to display your favorite apps and widgets.  Choose from interactive clocks, weather reports, or even your message feeds which sit on your home screen, updating automatically to make sure you’re always in the loop.
Plus, with the latest version of Android, Android Lollipop, being rolled out, Google has given all Android mobiles a new colourful lease of life, with cool menu designs and an updated version of the Android hub, called Google Now. And because you can easily change your phone’s background image, all Android handsets are really customizable too.

On the other side of the ring sits Windows Phone, the operating system designed by computer giant Microsoft. Launching with a bang in 2010, it totally shook up the smartphone scene with its vibrant colours and live tile design. Rather than just displaying rows of apps, Windows Phone sports dynamic ‘tiles’ which can be made bigger or smaller depending on how often you use them. Plus, because these tiles update in real time, it means that you can save tonnes of time and effort by reading messages and seeing your Facebook updates without having to open up each app individually.

Windows Phone 1: 0 Android

Windows Phone vs Android Apps: does size matter?

A huge part of any smartphone is apps, and both Android and Windows Phone are well on their way to keeping users, well, ‘appy (sorry, awful pun)! To date, the Android app store is slightly ahead in the game,offering a huge 1.3 million paid and free Android apps. But Windows Phone is rapidly catching up with its selection of 300,000 apps all available to download from the Windows Phone Store. OK so this difference in size might not be as closely fought as, say, Android compared to Apple’s iOS, but with all of the country’s most loved apps like Facebook, Skype and Twitter available in both stores, you certainly won’t go without on the app front.
And while Windows Phone has fewer apps compared to its Android rival, it does offer a number of built in Microsoft-made apps including Music, Money- for all your stocks and shares news-, Food and Drink- which offers recipes, video tutorials and tips- and Health and Fitness, keeping all Windows fans as up to date as seasoned Android-ers!
Windows Phone 1: 1 Android (When it comes down to it, size can matter!)

Smartphones: Nokia vs everyone else!


Despite Google being one of the biggest players in the online world,
it doesn’t actually make any of its own handsets, instead offering its
operating system to the likes of Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony. The great thing about this is that there’s loads more choice when it comes topicking a new handset. On top of that, each manufacturer layers its own user interface on top of Android, giving every Android device that individual edge.
Take a look at the range of Windows Phones available and you’ll notice that most handsets are made by Nokia, making Windows Phones a colorful and fun alternative to an ordinarily dull-looking mobile. With models like the Nokia Lumia 830, 735 and 530, you can get the best that Windows Phone operating system has to offer on top of a cool design that really stands out of the crowd. Plus, Microsoft, which recently bought out Nokia, has really got the budget phone down, offering some of the best cheap devices around.