How to make $$$ money from PTC (Paid to click) Sites

Trying to earn money from online but didn’t able to taste the success. Today I’m going to show you a small process that will help you earn money from online.

In this money making process you have to view different types of advertisement and you will earn money for viewing their advertisement.

One the best paid to click site is –

how to make money from PTC sites

Methods to Earn more from Paid to click site –

  1. Be active on paid to click site.
  2. Join some more genuine paid to click site
  3. Make as many as possible referrals
  4. Do other tasks to make more.

Let me elaborate above four points.

  1. Normally almost every paid to click give user to view 10-15 ads per day. Now if you active on that paid to click site then there are a fair chance to increase your number of ads from 20-30 per day.

So normally by viewing 10-15 ads you can earn $0.1 per day.

But if you are active on that PTC site you can earn somewhere $0.17 per day.

So being active is going to be very effective.

  1. Now from one paid to click site you earn only $0.17 per day. This is not a big one. Now if you join similar types of 20 other website you can earn commendable money per day.

20 PTC site = Per day earning x 20 = $3.4 (approx)

  1. Referrals are goldmine for PTC users. If someone join PTC site using your referral link, then you will earn a percentage amount of money whenever your referral click on any ads.

Some of the PTC Company also offer referral renting, where user can rent referrals

Some of other PTC company also offers level 2- level 3 referral earning.

  1. Almost all PTC Company offer different types of mini jobs. By completing those jobs you can earn money or credits.

Generally for completing a job means sometime you have to download something, sometime you have a completing a survey, sometime you have to write question answers etc. It’s varies every day.

Let’s  Do some calculation How much you can earn in 1 Month –

For single site –

Per day earning by ad viewing – $0.17 x30 = $5.1 (approx) per month.

By doing jobs you can earn – $1×30 = $30 (approx) per month.

Now if you able to maintain to generate 2 referral per day for 30 days.

Then if your referral are only viewing the ads then in 1 months your referrals should earn – $0.17x2x30 = $10.2

So if you get 50% from your referral then your earning will be = $5.2 per month.

Note – Jobs earning and level wise earning didn’t add here. Only Level one earning it is.


So, from 1 PTC site your one month earning is – $5.1 +$30 + $5.2 = $40.1 per month.

Now if you join 20 different site then your earning will be – $40.1 x 20 = $800 (Approx)

Note : All of your referrals are your lifetime referral so increase in no. of referral will rocket your earning is upcoming days.

How to make 2 referrals per day –

  1. Create a blog and write about your favorite PTC sites.
  2. Share your referral link on every social media site.
  3. Rent referrals
  4. Ask your friends to join PTC site.
  5. If you still confused then you can contact us. We are ready to help you.

Conclusion – In my very next post I’m going to share 10 best  genuine PTC sites.  So that will be very helpful for you to make more from PTC sites. Don’t procrastinating, be active, be hustle you will be sunshine very soon.


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