Intex IRist Smartwatch Review 2016

Intex IRist Smartwatch Review 2016

Intex IRist Smartwatch

Today we are going to review the Smartwatch from Intex.This smartwatch comes with 1.5 inch display ,4gb of internal storage,and we have 512 mb of RAM and 600 mAh battery in it.We have 5MP of camera and we do have support for external storage.The Intex Iris Specification looks like a specification of smartphone because its come loaded with  Android Kitkat and we have inbuilt GPS,Accelorometer and it also supports 3G connectivity and voice calling with Micro Sim slot.The smartwatch is Priced at Rs.12000 but you can also get in lesser price.

Intex IRist Smartwatch00

The Accessories comes with this smartwatch are a Bluetooth headphone ,2 USb cables and the charging dock with the cable along with  the smartwatch and also extra back cover comes with it.

Smartwatch Design

The smartwatch looks very stylish and  gives the premium feel.Smartwatch comes with the rubber strap its feel very good when you wear it on your hand.In terms of build quality it got very good quality of material which have been used which majorly metal and we get glass at the front top the overall build quality does make this smartwatch look very impressive >you have connector over there for charging at back plate and the other side on the edges we have the camera with autofocus 5MP and two physical buttons by which you can conr=troll the menu and go back to home.

Intex IRist Smartwatch01

The rubber strap used in this smartwatch is of good quality and it is good on the overall form factor.The material used on the strap of Smartwatch is very good ,you can wear this smartwatch for a long time you don’t have to worry  about the sweat and the dust.

As per the interface is concerned  the interface of Smartwatch is stock android kitkat so you get all those menus and icons which you see in a smartphone .There is a querty keyboard which very much responsive .The sensitivity  of the screen is very nice you can easily send messages,do voice calls ,play music and watch videos with given Bluetooth headphones. The all the functionality makes this smartwatch  very special and unique compared to all other options in the market specially at this price point .

Intex IRist Smartwatch02

The Bluetooth headphones sounds but not great,considering the kind of experience they provide they are kind of different altogether because they works with the smartwatch to provide the voice calling functionality and the voice calling becomes easy and simple with these Bluetooth headphones The headphones needs to be charged ,when fully charged it you can use this headphone approximately about 4 to 5 hrs continuously .

Overall the smartwatch  looks very stylish and sporty and it doesn’t look cheap in any way and it is the affordable smartwatch with smart functionality and it looks like apple smartwatch  but truly much better than the apple’s smartwatch.Only the main con is its battery its only lasts for 1 day.

With this affordable price this smartwatch very nice .the functionality which it comes with you will not get any other device  .So its worth of buying.

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