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As a freelance writer of British Writers, there is nothing more satisfying than publishing your own book. However, my work does not end at the moment I press the publish button. The promotion plays a key role and that is why today we will see how to manage the ebooks published in Kindle KDP.

Several authors have asked me, both by email and through comments.

And the truth is that it is one of those things that most laziness usually give. Because it’s about having to deal with new systems for us.

Sometimes even in English, a language that not everyone dominates.

It is normal that when publishing an ebook, much more if you are going to modify it, you have some anxiety. I had it too because there are a number of points where you can screw up. To the bottom.

There are a few dangers out there that can destroy your book. So better start at the beginning and go slowly and with good lyrics. 

1)  What do you want to change and why

One of the great advantages of publishing an ebook instead of a paper book is that you can change everything once published.

It is not written in stone and as I say in the linked article, it is not limited by the tyranny of atoms.

You have to take advantage of the possibilities that this brings you as an author.

You are responsible for its success since you don’t have an editorial or a great muscle behind to support you to make it known. Therefore, it is your duty to find the formula that best appeals to your readers and that can only be achieved by testing.

How to Manage ebooks Published on Kindle KDP?

Before seeing how to manage ebooks published in Kindle KDP, it is better to see what can be changed in them and what are the reasons for doing so:

  • Cover: the cover is the first thing your potential readers will see. Analyze what your competitors have and look for ways to break the virtual shelves to stand out. Read these articles to learn more about the topic: Canva program to design covers, watch your cover typography and How to create covers of books they sell.
  • Title and subtitle: choosing the title of your ebook can be a very difficult job. Finding the right combination requires study and research on what works in your niche. Check out this post on how to choose the title for your book.
  • Mind you, any changes you make in the title should be reflected on the cover. So make sure you have the original cover and you can modify it.
  • Description: One of the great hooks to capture readers is the description of your book. Tell them why it is worth reading without looking at details. Read this article on how to improve the description of a book on Amazon with HTML to improve your visibility.
  • Content: we all commit spelling or grammar mistakes at some time. Although I usually read and reread my drafts in addition to asking others to correct them, some always escape. Now there is nothing to fear because with the ebook you can correct your mistakes when you need it. As long as you are not constantly kicking the dictionary, the reader should not be angry.
  • Price: this is easy, the lower the price, the greater the demand. In the case of ebooks, you can change the price overnight, without having to contact each of the libraries to do it manually. It is one of the advantages that we will see in this tutorial on how to manage ebooks published in Kindle KDP. By changing the price of your book you can make promotions and play with different price points. You will find more information in our definitive guide on how to choose the best price for an ebook.

It’s time to learn how to manage ebooks published in Kindle KDP. To do this, I recommend that you have the self-publishing guide on Amazon at hand, it will be much easier to make the changes.

2) How to manage ebooks published on Kindle KDP: change the cover

Before you start changing anything, you must enter your Amazon Kindle KDP account with your username and password. Once in it, make sure it is in Spanish, if it is not, change the language from the button in the upper right corner.

Once this is done, in the book you want to start modifying, access the ellipsis button to display a menu. Click on the “Edit details” option, as it appears in the image below:

You will land on a familiar screen. This is where you entered all the data in your ebook.

Go to point 5 “Upload or create a cover” to upload a new version of the cover of your ebook.

Find the file with your new cover and wait for it to upload. Remember to meet a series of requirements. The name of the author and the title should appear, in addition to having minimum dimensions of 2,500 pixels on its longest side (only if you want it to be seen in high definition).

3) How to change the title and subtitle of your ebook

On the same page where you have changed the cover, you can modify the title and subtitle. The title must be exact to the one that appears on the cover, while in the subtitle you can put whatever you want without having to also appear on it.

Personally, I really like titles that change a word or letter to a phrase known to be original. For example: “Killing ends”, “De facto floor” or “Crime crime”

Be creative!

4) Change the description of your ebook

A little further down the section where we change the title, we will see a small box that says «Description». You will see that you have 4,000 characters to tell what your book is about and why potential readers should read it.

Most authors forget this part and create a description that is limited to a handful of words. I will give you a clue: if Amazon gives so much space to write it, it will be for something. Seize it.

5) How to change the content of your ebook

One of the most important sections of this guide on how to manage ebooks published in Kindle KDP is that of the book itself. When you published it, you had to upload two files: the cover and the Word document.

If you have made changes to your ebook, which can range from simple corrections to removing an entire chapter, you have the opportunity to amend your mistakes. In point 6 you can upload the new file that will replace the previous one.

Although this I have not verified. I think that readers who bought your ebook before will see an update of it that they should download.

So it is not automatic. Keep that in mind.

6) How to change the price of your ebook on Amazon KDP

On the next page of your ebook settings, you can edit the rights, royalties, and prices.

I guess if you published your own ebook it will be because you wrote it and you have all the rights, right?

Now, in a matter of prices, you will have to see how you want to play your tricks.

If your ebook is published in another distributor such as Smashwords, you can put it there for free for Amazon to match it on its platform.

Unfortunately, there is no direct way to put your ebook at zero euros, since that possibility is reserved for writers attached to the Amazon KDP Select.

It is done!

Once you finish all the changes you want to make, you will have to accept Amazon’s conditions again and wait for the changes to be published.

If everything goes well, in a few hours you should be able to see them.

Do you see how easy it is to manage, polish and change the ebooks published in Kindle KDP?

I hope this tutorial has helped you and if you still have any questions, leave it written in the comments so I can help you.

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