A complete guide for Frozen River Adventure!

Chadar Trek also known as the Zanskar frozen river trek is one of the most difficult yet challenging treks in the world. The trek is located in Leh & Ladakh region. In extremely cold conditions the Zanskar river tends to freeze and forms a thick sheet of ice on which one can walk on. In the article when you proceed you will know about the Do’s and Don’t’s of Chadar Trek.

Trekking is a healthy way to make your body fit and fine.

Chadar Trek is an unseen and unexplored adventure. This mountain trail on the ice-clogged river will pass through by frozen waterfalls, valleys, and mountain caves.

Do’s and Don’t’s of Chadar Trek

This frozen river trek is also one of the longest trekking trails in the Himalayas that covers an area of 90km which can be covered in 8-9 chilly days.

The temperature goes -10 degrees and the climate fluctuates very frequently. It is not easy to survive in rare climatic conditions. For trekkers, Chadar Trek is like a walk to paradise. The trek starts from Leh and ends at Leh by covering the Zanskar Frozen River and small quaint villages that come in between.

Do’s and Don’t’s of Chadar Trek

 The Frozen River trek comes with a lot of Do’s and Don’t’s:


  • Inform

First of all, one should make sure to inform their family and concern person about the trek and share the itinerary with them. Someone should know about the schedule so that in case of emergency they can come for help.

  • Keep Yourself Warm

As Chadar trek is undertaking in winters and the climate remains freezing cold. One should keep themselves warm by wearing a layer of clothes and a pair of gumboots.

  •  Eat and Drink

The trek is all covered and surrounded by snow. Food availability is very rare. So, it is advisable to take enough water and eatables like chocolates, energy bars with you.

  • First Aid Kit

Always keep a small medical kit with you having necessary medicines, bandaids, relief sprays, etc. Having bruises and cuts is very common.

  • Walk Carefully

Walking on a thick sheet of ice is not easy and that is the only reason which makes Chadar a difficult trek. Be careful while walking on the ice sheet. Walk on thick ice and avoid walking on a broken surface.


  •  Do Not Misbehave

Large no. of monasteries and temples are there on the way. Wear appropriate clothes and be nice to local people. Do not harm their intentions by misbehaving or doing anything wrong. Do not point fingers to the monasteries as the local people may it take as an offense.

  • Do Not Skip Your Meals

Eat properly before starting the trek. And while on the trek, don’t skip your meals. One should need energy and stamina to complete this trek.

  • Listen To Your Trek Leader

Carefully listen to your trek leader. Do not ignore his instructions. Keep in mind he knows better and more experienced than you. And do not get loud with other people on the trek. Follow the guidelines and tips properly.

  • Do Not Litter

Keep an extra polybag to carry your waste. One should not litter anywhere and spoil the surroundings.

  •  No Use Of Chemicals

While taking a bath in the waterfalls, do not use chemical soaps or shampoos. Keep the water clean as the locals use it for drinking purposes.

  • Do Not Wander Alone

The region is not for wandering alone. Always be with your group or trek leader. Do roam or wander alone. It can be dangerous.

Apart from all these DO’S and DON’T’s other things are also important like:

  1. Positive Mental Attitude

Before embarking on anything in life, we think both about the pros and cons. A strong mental attitude conquers any difficulty in life. As this trek is not an easy one so, one should be mentally prepared to undertake this adventure without hesitation or having any second thought.

  • Physically Prepared

Chadar Trek is a test to your mind and body. The next big challenge after being mentally prepared is physical fitness. Exercise daily and make yourself fit for this adventure. There are people who will teach you the technicalities before one day of the trek.

  • Always Be Prepared for the Unpredictable

Nature is unpredictable and uncontrollable. Weather in the Himalayas changes very frequently. There might be times due to weather or some other conditions you may have to call off from the trek. Sometimes, Chadar may break due to pressure, sometimes chadar may not form. These are the misfortunes which can not be predicted by any scientists or forecasters, it is better to be prepared always.

  • Understand The Rules and Regulations

Due to the difficulty level, Chadar comes with a lot of government rules and regulations. Undergoing a medical test, and taking safety measures during the trek. Follow the instructions and always listen to your trek leader. And if you are not fit for this adventure then you can not do this trek.

  • Learn During The Trek

Learning never stops, until the last day of the trek learn something. You will get a chance to learn from the local people like hiking, climbing pace and everything. Listen, observe, practice.

All these are some important and essential points which one has to keep in mind before undertaking this adventure. Make your trekking journey memorable by doing the Frozen River Trek.

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