Top 10 Highest Paying Android Apps 2016 for Free Mobile Recharge

As everybody know this generation has been dedicated to smartphones specially for android platforms because of its innumerable no. of advantages which other smartphones still lacks. now brings the top 10 highest paying android apps 2015 for free mobile recharge. All we know that mobile balance is how much important to us. In young generation […]

Top 12 Best Entertainment Apps for Android Phones in 2016

Watching movies and dramas over the television is old fashioned now! Android app world is filled with many important apps almost for everything and its get daily updated so finding Top 12 Best Entertainment Apps for Android was not a hard task but finding appropriate is indeed a tiring work. Too long have the Android users […]

Top 19 Best Material Design Apps and Websites 2016

Since its first release on June 2014, Material Design has got pretty good attention from developers around the world. It’s not just beautiful, feel more comfortable and clean, Material Design also designed for all kind majority of today’s devices. From the smallest screen to the largest one. Even tough Material Design has been around for […]

10 Best Smartphone With Longest Battery Life 2016

10 Best Smartphones with Longest Battery Life : The smartphones  in this list have great battery life and capacity above 3000 mAh (milli ampere-hour or amp-hour) to offer incredible battery life. The smartphone list is consolidated after thorough analysis of all models available globally.Usually we struggle for battery life with low battery capacity smartphone models and often […]