How to roll back to stock OS in Windows Phone

Since the Launch Event of Windows Insider back in January 2015, Microsoft started rolling out Insider builds ( most commonly known as Preview builds ) of Windows 10 Mobile to Windows Phone 8.1 users. This created a new era for Windows lovers to enjoy its latest builds before common public or the RTM release. Drawbacks … Read more

Top 10 Android apps for language learning 2016

Have you seen a non native language movie and you get tempted by the story and specially the language that your favorite characters speaks yes indeed! well it happens to everyone including me while watching a korean movie i thought it would be great if i would learn korean and spanish, both the language always … Read more

Top 10 Power Banks With Juice Over 10000mAh

Power banks are our new friend that emerge as lifesavers in situations when our phones run out of battery.In an age where Smartphones are our constant companion, no amount of power can be deemed as sufficient.If you are running out of charge then there will be your friend to help you.We have spent a quality time … Read more

Top 15 Best Android tablets 2015

Our mobile market is already flooded with different smartphones and its time for the large screen Android tablets which can fulfill the requirements of both – Smartphones & Laptops. Some people prefer to call them the ‘Phablet’ – a phone and the tablet combined. Apart from the top manufacturers like Samsung, Asus & Micromax, there … Read more