16 Free Most Downloaded iPhone Apps 2016

There are plenty of iPhones app for worth paying but The Youth Tech has brought the the awesome list of free iPhone apps.This guide (which will be updated on a regular basis) aims to provide an overview of the best and most popular free apps for the iPhone you should download today.

Best Free iPhone Apps for 2016



The Digg app brings you the all the news and online content you like to read into one convenient place. It contains an RSS feed reader, which is the big selling point of this free app. In addition to all the blogs and news in your custom feed, Digg recommends other content to explore, another reason it’s a great free app to put on your iPhone.




An app designed to create invoices, estimates, credit memos and purchase orders straight from your device, as well as keeping track of money owed, taxes and totals. With templates to choose from and the option to include PayPal buttons for convenience, Invoice2go Plus allows users to track and manage invoices before sending them directly to customers and clients.




If your files live all over the place—your office computer, home desktop, laptop—having a dependable syncing program is a must. Dropbox, the service and productivity tool that lets you store your files in the cloud and access them from anywhere you have a signal, fills that role nicely with a Dropbox iPhone app. It has a simple interface, easy uploading, and swift syncing across all accounts.





Get Gmail on your iPhone with up to 5 accounts, lots of notification options and more.

Even outside of Google’s devices, Gmail remains one of the most popular mail apps with users and proves to be the easiest way of getting inbox on your phone. The app lets you switch between up to five accounts, receive quick notifications, use the search function, profile pictures, threaded conversations, Google Calendar integration, labelling and lots of other organisational functions and attachments.




The free iPhone app EasilyDo works as a personal assistant and automation machine. You connect the app to a variety of online services, such as your email, calendar, Facebook account, and so forth, and EasilyDo looks for things it can help you get easily done.  it might spot an upcoming birthday of a friend and let you set up a “happy birthday” post to their timeline in advance. It’s an amazing productivity app that helps you take care of a variety of tasks quickly and efficiently.


Adobe Acrobat Reader


Adobe Acrobat Reader is the free, trusted leader for reliably viewing, annotating, and signing PDFs.When it comes to using PDF documents at work, Adobe Acrobat DC is an indispensible tool that allows you to view and edit PDFs across your PC, iPhone and iPad. The iPhone app lets you manage these documents, open up files directly from emails, the web or any app, search text, convert files, annotate documents, access password-protected forms and more.


ESPN Score Center

The ESPN App is the #1 Sports App in the market. The app gives you up-to-the-minute scores and news with loads of video highlights. Sign in and customize the ESPN App to get all of your favorite teams’ scores, news and alerts.ESPN’s free app lets you check the game quickly, and discreetly when necessary for your favorite teams in more sports than most other apps.




The real key to its success and popularity is that  Evernote for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is the modern workspace that syncs between all of your devices. Work everywhere and stay productive.Without the Evernote app for iPhone, I’d be a lot less productive while away from my desk. This free, straightforward note-making app outrivals most competing apps thanks to its strong search capabilities and effortless organization.




Flipboard is your personal magazine, at your desk, in your back pocket or on your wrist. Filled with stories, photos and videos on any interest, it’s a single place to keep up with your world. And now, if you want just a few highlights, the top ten stories can be sent right to your Apple Watch. Scan a summary, save it to a Flipboard magazine or share.

Call Recorder


Record phone calls easily without using an external device.Recording phone calls is an important part of many jobs, and having an app that offers this function is so much easier than fiddling about with a dictaphone and various connections. With Call Recorder Pro, you just have to make or answer a call, open the app and turn it on, and from there you can name recordings according to who you spoke to, play it back, protect with passwords and more.




Gogobot is your go to place for places to go. With over 725,000 reviews and 4M photos, Gogobot provides you with personalized recommendations on where to Eat, Play or Stay wherever you are.Travel app Gogobot finds things to do and see around you, whether it’s in your own backyard or some international destination.

Google Drive


Apple users with a Google Drive account cheered when a standalone Google Drive app finally arrived for iPhone. Previously, it was a chore to get at your Google documents from the tiny screen of an iPhone, using either third-party apps or a browser app, where functionality was awkward and limited. It’s much easier to use via the free, official app from Google, so be sure to download it.

Microsoft Word


Create and edit Microsoft Word documents on your phone in exactly the way you’re used to, with the same layout and functionality that you’d find on your Mac or PC. That means images, charts, footnotes, tables and everything else you might need, with the option to view email attachments and access documents from the cloud via OneDrive, Dropbox and more.

Google Maps


The Google Maps app for iPhone and iPad makes navigating your world faster and easier. Find the best spots in town and the information you need to get there.With beautiful, smooth, vector-based map animation, and accurate routing, Google Maps is our favorite map app for the iPhone.


Hotwire brand feels very dated, but I gave this travel booking app and website another shot recently, and wow! The deals have been too good to pass up. It’s changed my mind about this app entirely.You often get a short list of possible candidates, so if you’re fine with one of the possible providers, the deal’s in the bag.




Create simple connections between apps like Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, Twitter, and Gmail, as well as devices.IFTTT stands for “if this, then that.” It’s a wonderfully simple way to program your life to be more automatic without having to learn a lick of programming. IFTTT uses a straightforward selection menu so you make sure certain tasks get done, like “If I post a photo on Facebook, then also save a copy to my Dropbox account.

If I’m missing any of your favorite apps then feel free to comment below……



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