Since the invention of computers or machines, their capability to perform various tasks went on growing exponentially. Humans have developed the power of computer systems in terms of their diverse working domains, their increasing speed, and reducing size with respect to time. A branch of Computer Science named Artificial Intelligence pursues creating computers or machines as intelligent as human beings. According to the father of AI, John McCarthy, it is “The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs”. AI is a way of making a computer, a computer-controlled robot, or a software think intelligently, in a similar manner the intelligent humans think.


AI is accomplished by studying how human brain thinks and how humans learn, decide, and work while trying to solve a problem, and then using the outcomes of this study as a basis of developing intelligent software and systems.

A couple of years ago a unique experimental self-driving car was released on the roads of New Jersey, that was not coded or programmed by engineers. The car sensors were connected to a huge network of artificial neurons that processed data and delivered commands to the brake, steering wheel and other sub-systems. This car, developed by chip maker NVidia, did not need any human intervention. It taught itself by watching other humans drive their cars.

With this technology, referred to as deep learning, artificial intelligence is advancing to a level where systems become so intelligent that they surpass human capabilities and comprehension. As per Economic Forum Report 2016, about 50 lakh jobs will be lost to robots and automation by 2020. Such machine learning capabilities which are integral to artificial intelligence requires a huge amount of data. Humans are the creators of this data. If there is no data, there is no AI. AI teaches itself by repetition, logical progression and sequencing, that enables it to decipher higher level patterns at lightning speed for problem-solving and decision making. AI has phenomenal power to substitute repetitive tasks that require sequential logic.

Use of AI:

Decision makers in India indicate some of the jobs that could be transferred to AI-powered digital assistants: writing and responding to emails, entering timesheets, scheduling calendars and some routine accounting, billing and HR tasks.

Though AI can process billions of data points to arrive at an efficient decision at a blink of an eye, the contextual, emotional and intuitive aspects of decision making still remain the prerogative of the human race. In the fields that need creativity and out of the box thinking, human judgment will be hard to replace.

Dabur Honey Benefits – Know Here


If old is gold, then honey is the treasure we have been handed over for generations. Honey is an important component of diet, if one wishes to have a healthy lifestyle. The goodness of honey is unending. It is used in foods to soak up moisturiser in cakes and cookies and is also used as preservative around the world. It is also very useful in weight loss and healthy health management. Honey is also known as thick golden liquid and it is getting valued since ages. Dabur has started an initiative of Beekeeping project in Bihar and Madhya Pradesh and they are also planning for the same in West Bengal. The project aims as to provide a new source of income and to lessen the poverty through different training programmes.

Benefits of Honey:

  • Improves Athletic Performance: Honey helps to maintain sugar level after a workout.
  • Boosts Memory: It consists of anti-oxidants that prevent cellular damage within the brain. 
  • Boosts Immunity: It provides relief from symptoms of cold and cough. Its antibacterial properties helps fight against germs to withstand attack on immunity.
  • Medicinal Uses: It is an important ingredient in the prevention of cancer. Honey aids in fighting common ailments like- headaches, burns, cuts, nausea, dizziness and more. Consuming honey reduces heat in body, thus cures fever, sore throat, pimples and more
  • Energy Drink: It is an excellent source of energy. It boosts the glucose level in the blood. It has unprocessed sugar and it can be taken as pre-workout or before exercise to have quick boost.
  • Elixir of life: It is the only food that contains all the necessary substances to sustain. These include enzymes, minerals, vitamins and water. It is also known as super food and is also the only food eaten by human which are produced by insects.
  • Sleep Aid: Honey helps in getting better sleep as it helps in rise in insulin level. It also improves the mood and happiness.
  • Skin Benefits: It is full of natural anti-oxidants, so it is great for acne treatment and slowing down ageing. It opens up pores making the skin glow.
  • Hair benefits: It is rich in vitamins and minerals which makes it an incredible hair conditioner that smoothens your hair. It comprises of antiseptic qualities that keeps the scalp bacteria free. It also keeps you away from dandruff.

Being the largest player in the branded honey market, Dabur has the back up of widely spread sourcing and rigorous quality control measures.

Source of Honey:

Dabur sources it’s honey specially from the Himalayas, the Nilgiris and the Sunderbans forest. The collection process of honey follows rigorous quality checks to ensure even raw unfiltered honey is of best quality. Firstly, they filter the raw honey and then clean it of impurities such as dust, pollen and wax at state-of-the-art facilities. They use mechanisation for all further processes to ensure hygienic conditions.

Dabur Honey confirms strictly with all statutory requirements of the international norms for purity.

Dabur Honey scores the highest on the parameters of honey purity in the Indian branded and unbranded honey.

Dabur Honey – Purity Guaranteed

Best car window sunshade 2018

Car Window Sunshade (also known as sun screen shades, sunscreens, car shades, sun shields, heat shields, or UV shields) are protective shields attached to a car’s windshield to keep the sun from reaching the interior and help reduce the temperature inside it.

The interior of a closed car parked in a non-shaded spot exposed to extensive sunlight can sustain sun and heat damage. Sunlight passing through the car’s windshield produces the greenhouse effect, heating the interior to a temperature much higher than the outside air. Excessive heat and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can make the dashboard fade and eventually crack, cause seat upholstery discoloration and aging, etc.

The Car Window Sunshade itself blocks most of the UV light and some of the infrared radiation. But it can’t protect from the visible light that mostly penetrates through it and gets absorbed by the objects inside the car. The visible light that passes into the interior through the windshield is converted into the infrared light which, in its turn, is blocked by the glass and gets trapped inside, heating up the interior. Windshield sun shades have a reflective surface to bounce the light back, reducing the interior temperature.

Typically, Car Window Sunshade look like aluminum foil that covers the inside of a windshield to reflect the sun’s rays. But today the automotive aftermarket offers various options, from simple car shades manufactured from high-density foam with a reflective metalized polyester film to automatic sun shades operated using a remote control.

Removable Car Window Sunshade are popular thanks to ease of installation and storage as well as an affordable price.

They are available in many designs, including accordion fold, roll up, etc. There are also permanently installed sun shades built directly into the window frame. Some vehicles can be equipped with power sun shades that move up and down with a touch of a button. Some retractable Car Window Sunshade are attached with an adhesive, suction cups, etc. and roll up on the top or fold at the sides of the windshield. Some car shades are designed for winter use and attach to the outside of the windshield  to keep it snow- and ice-free.

1.Idealgo Foldable Car Window Sunshade Sun Protector Car Window Auto Visor Shield Cover UV Protector Car Shades Windshield Keeps Vehicle Cool


Car Window Sunshade

1.100%Brand New and High Quality
2.Protects your kids and pets from scorching hot seats and belts when entering car.
3.Lightweight, foldable and easy to carry
4.1 PCS: 150*70cm. 6 pcs:Front Shade Size: Approx. 150 x 70cm (L*W), Back Shade Size: Approx. 100 x 50cm (L*W)
must have for travel.

Technical Details:

Brand Idealgo
Item Weight 1.7 pounds
Product Dimensions 11.5 x 11 x 2 inches
Manufacturer Part Number Idealgo
Folding No

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2.No.1 Car Window Sunshade, Cool FREE Products Included With Sun Shade – A Powerful UV Ray Deflector, High Quality Car Sunshade To Keep Your Vehicle Cool And Damage Free


Car Window Sunshade

1. Imagine a windshield sun shade keeping you comfortable during the hot days, why not stop the  now, & cool off some! Our sun shades will turn down the heat in your interior, so you can enjoy driving without being sweaty or miserable any more!
2.Keep your interior looking good, our sun shade protects your vehicle from UV damage, Its awesome! No more cracking or fading just all around solid protection, so you can maintain the integrity of your interior for years to come!
3.It’s easy & convenient to use, a retractable style that folds down into a sleek pouch. Very nice! Now you will be able to easily store your sun shade without any hassle!
4.The great thing about our Car Window Sunshade is that they fit really well with windshields that DO NOT EXCEED 63*29 inches! Good for SUV’s, Trucks, Vans, and Cars, we recommend our customers to measure first before purchasing, its very simple!
5.We offer a $$$ Back Guarantee that’s very convenient – Act Now and Buy, the Sale Price Listed is for a Limited Time Only, go and get your’s today and start feeling refreshed with a cooler vehicle, and keeping a pristine interior. Please see product description for more details.

Technical Details:

Brand ShadeIt
Item Weight 5 ounces
Product Dimensions 63 x 0.1 x 33.9 inches
Item model number Shade190T
Manufacturer Part Number Shade190T
Folding Yes
Special Features Twists and folds
Vehicle Service Type SUV Car Van Truck

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3. Car Window Sunshade Universal Fit Car Side Window Baby Sun Shade | Protects Your Baby and Older Kids from the Sun, Fits All (99%) Cars! Most SUVs! (2 Piece) | Travel eBook Included!


Car Window Sunshade

1.ESPECIALLY GREAT FOR KIDS! Smaller children ride in the back seat, and are the passengers most likely to be bothered by high temperatures and bright sunlight. Protect your loved ones in their car seats and booster seats by applying these sun shades to the rear side doors of the car. This provides UV protection, cuts sun glare, reduces heat, and prevents your children from getting burned or overheated
2.INCREDIBLY EASY TO INSTALL! The flexible, stretchy mesh just pulls down over the open car door. Fits almost every car to a maximum of 44.3 inches by 20 inches.
3.YOU CAN STILL ROLL DOWN THE WINDOWS! The mesh is breathable, and because it’s on the exterior of the door frame, you can still roll down the windows and enjoy a nice breeze from outside while staying protected from the sun. Stick on tinting can’t do that!
4.SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!! Each sunshade is well made, durable, and easy to use. Buy a set today before it gets any hotter out there!
BONUS GIFT: an eBook featuring 10 creative ideas for keeping children occupied in the backseat while traveling.

Technical Details:

Brand Shade Sox
Item Weight 5.6 ounces
Product Dimensions 9 x 7.1 x 1.3 inches
Item model number 1
Manufacturer Part Number 1

4. No.1 BEST Car Windshield Sunshade With Non Slip Mat – Cool FREE Product Included With Jumbo Sunshade – Car Shade Pop-up Car Windshield – UV Protector Sunshade – Retractable Car Shades – Windshield Sun Protector.


Car Window Sunshade

1.Keeps car interior cool; feel comfortable and protect your hands from a hot steering wheel, protect your family from a blistering car seat, and maintain car interior temperature even when it’s parked
2.Protects you from UV Radiation; go on a road trip with a cooler car interior without having to worry about the scorching and harmful heat of the sun.
The X-Shade Jumbo Car Windshield Sunshade is made of high quality polyester (nylon) material that is built to last
3.Easy and Convenient to Use; wire support diameter: 68cm (26.77 inches) and fabric edges measurement: 150 by 80 cm (59.05 by 31.49 inches); DO NOT 4.EXCEED, MEASURE WINDSHIELD FIRST! Readily pops-up open, and is easy to fold
With the X-Shade Car Windshield Sunshade, 100% Satisfaction is GUARANTEED or your MONEY BACK. SALE PRICE is for a LIMITED TIME! More details on the description.

Technical Details:

Brand  X-Shade
Item Weight 0.3 ounces
Product Dimensions 9.4 x 9.4 x 0.7 inches
Item model number Jumbo1
Manufacturer Part Number Jumbo1
Folding No
Special Features Twists and folds
Vehicle Service Type SUV Car Van Truck

5.Hippo No.1 Front Car Sunshade Windshield-Jumbo/Standard Sun Shade Keeps Vehicle Cool-UV Ray Protector Sunshade-Easy to Use Sun Shade-Silver(54.7″X26.5″)


Car Window Sunshade

1.High quality car sunshades to keep your vehicle cool and damage free protects you, this foam interior car front window sunshade is a great helper for driver in summer and can effectively block sunlight, reduce the temperature inside of vehicle.
2.Silver double bubble protects your vehicle from UV damage. Helps protect vehicle’s interior – Prevents cracking & fading to dashboard and plastic trim.
3.Will fit all SUV’s, Trucks, Vans, and Cars with windshields not exceeding 54.7*26.5 inches!
4.Premium double bubble,windshield sunshade silver black.Folds for quick and easy storage. Features a built-On storage strap. With suction cup attached, easy to operate and no harm to the window of your car.
5.Hippo’s sun shade is higher quality than most sunshades on the market. We guarantee this sunshade can make you feeling refreshed with a cooler vehicle, and keeping a pristine interior. If you are caught in some problems when using our products, welcome to contact us at any time. Great accessory for your vehicle! U.S. local delivery, 3-7 days to complete the delivery.

Technical Details:

Brand Hippo
Item Weight 5.6 ounces
Product Dimensions 54.7 x 0.2 x 26.5 inches
Exterior Smooth
Manufacturer Part Number SunS001
Folding No
Special Features Power Folding.

6. Car Windshield Sunshade – SUNSHIELD UV Reflecting Fabric – Standard / Jumbo Sun Shade Sizes – Best Retractable Sun Visor Protector – Fits Normal / Large Auto Windshields – Standard (57 x 30in)


Car Window Sunshade


1. Find your car in the sizing chart by hovering your mouse over or zooming in on the sizing chart photos OR
2. measure the height down the middle of your windshield – if over 32 inches order the Jumbo, if under 32 inches order Standard.
3.TEMPERATURE REGULATING – The interior of a car left exposed to the sun can heat up to 20°F or more than its surrounding environment. The Pro Shade keeps the sun out while maintaining a comfortable temperature in your car throughout the day
4.EASY SETUP – The Pro Shade pops out and folds back up in seconds making it convenient for daily use
5.NO HASSLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – We know you’ll love our Pro Shade, that’s why if you aren’t 100% satisfied we will provide you with a refund or a free replacement – whichever you prefer

Technical Details

Brand  Pro Shade
Item Weight  4.8 ounces
Product Dimensions  10 x 10 x 1.5 inches
Item model number  1221
Manufacturer Part Number  1221
Folding  No

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7. EzyShade Car Windshield Sunshade + FREE Bonus Gift. Universal Fit, Hassle-Free Car Sun Shade Keeps Your Vehicle Cool. High Quality Heat and Sun Reflector. 1 Year Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee


Car Window Sunshade

1.BEST COVERAGE. BEST FIT- Don’t persist with shades that don’t quite fit right. The beauty of this EzyShade is that it is 2 identical rectangular shades. This allows for maximum adaptability to different sized windshields. Simply install vertically for high windshields and horizontally for smaller windshields. The overlap of the 2 shades ensures a perfect fit for any windshield.
2.EASY TO USE AND STORE- EzyShade has been designed for hassle-free use. There’s no wrestling with these sunshades. EzyShade is quick and easy to install and uninstall, and because it’s 2 pieces instead of one large piece you can layer them over one another to fold away, and all whilst sitting comfortably in your car seat.
3.KEEP COOL- Don’t let the hot sun damage your car or your mood. The superior double shade design offers maximum protection and coverage keeping you cooler and happier when you step back into your car.
4.BONUS GIFT- For a limited time we are including a free bonus gift with every purchase! This convenient non-slip sticky dashboard mat lets you slap your cell phone, change and other little items against your dash, maintaining a secure grip.

Technical Details:

Brand  EzyShade
Item Weight  1.6 ounces
Product Dimensions  11 x 10 x 0.7 inches
Manufacturer Part Number  1-ES-WIND-2SQ31x28
Folding  No

10 best health benefits of moringa

Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Moringa
It is well documented and scientifically confirmed is that Moringa tree are rich source of anti inflammatory, antioxidant, and protective tissues substances.

Those out-standing characteristics could be found in every parts of the tree from leaves, pod, bark, root , seeds and flowers.  As a result, for thousands of years, people have learnt how to employ this kind of powerful food in treatment of various diseases, namely anemia, arthritis, respiratory ailments and digestive problems.

Read this article to know more health benefits of moringa.

Antioxidant profile
There is no doubt that the radicals which are generated during the metabolisms of the body can lead to a range of health problems. There are many studies into the function of Moringa in flushing out free radicals show that Moringa contains great deal of antioxidant constituents including flavonoids, ascorbic acid and polyphenols. It also pointed out the leaves has the strongest antioxidant capacity and following is the flower and seeds. This property is closely linked with the advantages of Moringa in preventing against the degradation of the body cells, inflammation as well as oxidative stress.

2. Alleviating diabetes symptoms

Diabetes is growing the matter of great concern of modern generation. Patients who suffer from this kind of disease used to meet with vast variety dilemmas, such as high blood glucose, free radicals or cholesterol concentration. Many studies suggest that patients treated with Moringa leaves powder show dramatic decrease in blood glucose levels and urine protein. In addition to this, it helps out in increasing the amount of hemoglobin in diabetes mellitus patients.

3. Deterring cardiovascular diseases

It is proven fact that lipid and cholesterol in particular are responsible for the development of heart diseases. When the blood cholesterol is higher than normal indices, people tend to be affected with problems like artery sclerosis and high blood pressure. Moringa contains antioxidant substances which can help protect cardiovascular cells from damage and keep them function properly.

4. Cancer prevention

Moringa possesses some compounds such as phenolic, niazimicin and kaempferol which are considered as cancer – prevention agents. Such components work in inhibiting the proliferation of tumor cells and driving the malignant cells into the death. Therefore, using powder or making juice from Moringa leaves could  play a part in prevention as well as chemotherapy treatment of various cancer. Some cancers seeming to be the most sensitive to this herb are liver cancer, skin papilloma and ovarian tumor.

5. Booster of the brain

When people come of age, the big dilemma that they used to face with is the deterioration of  the brain functions. Some investigations into the function of  Moringa show that its antioxidant components could assist in enhancing brain activities. Furthermore, extract from Moringa could normalize the function of neurotransmitter like dopamine, serotonin and nor-epinephrin. By this way, it helps people escape from the diseases induced by such monoamines deficiency. In one study in which Alzheimer’s patient treated with Moringa leaf power showed significant favorable outcome. Read natural ways to reduce dizziness.

6. Support  hepatic functions

Liver is the organ in which the free radicals are converted into non-damaged agents to be released out of the body. Due to frequent exposure to such substances, liver is highly in risk of damaging and development of diseases. Moringa is considered as a storehouse of polyphenol, especially in its leaves and flowers, which can protect liver cells from oxidation. Not only that, Moringa also enhances hepatic enzymes level by which liver can function efficiently and effectively.

7. Preventing again some digestive disorders

Along with antioxidant properties, the anti inflammatory and anti bacterial characteristics of Moringa are employed in treatment of many digestive disorders such as diarrhea, constipation and colitis. Isothyocianates found in its leaves  and other mineral like calcium, magnesium and iron can also play a role in function of intestinal system. For instance, Helicobacter pylori and coliform bacteria which are pathogen of gastritis and colitis respectively can be destroyed by Moringa. Patients can use it in the form of leaves juice mixed with honey and coconut milk 2 to 3 times per days for several days.

8. Help in some kind of anemia

Some types of anemia come from lack of iron intake or absorb ability. Therefore, patients who suffer this condition can use Moringa tree as a home remedy along with iron supplement therapy prescribed bu the doctors. Some research concluded that Moringa can help in improving the some blood diameters in anemia patients as total blood count, red blood count as well as volume.

9. Enhancing bone and teeth health

In addition to propertied mentioned above, Moringa is also packed with minerals like calcium and magnesium. Needless to say, those minerals are essential part of bone and teeth structures. Thus, consuming amount of Moringa each day could be the effective step in preventing against some bone disease like osteoporosis and accelerating the healing process in some case like bone fracture. In children, when both bone and teeth are growing in high rate, the requirement for such minerals is generally higher than adults. Providing some mints made of Moringa for children could be the pretty good choice for the interest of bone and teeth health.

10. Keep fit

As you know, moringa contains a rich source of fiber and vitamins therefor you can be safe when you eat this more frequent.

Best bench vise 2018

Bench Vise is a mechanical apparatus used to secure an object to allow work to be performed on it. Bench Vise have two parallel jaws, one fixed and the other movable, threaded in and out by a screw and lever.

Woodworking bench vises are attached to a workbench, typically flush with its work surface. Their jaws are made of wood or metal, the latter usually faced with wood, called cheeks, to avoid marring the work. The movable jaw may include a retractable dog to hold work against a bench vise.

Best 10 Bench vise 2016
One common variety of Bench vise is the leg vise, which has a long extension down to the floor, with a provision to adjust the spacing of the bottom of the leg, to keep the clamping surfaces of the jaws approximately parallel, even though the work to be clamped may be of various thicknesses.

1. Capri Tools 10518 Rotating Base and Head Bench Vise, 5″ Price: $189.95

Product Description:

Size: 5″
Use this bench vise for all kinds of woodwork, pipe work, metalwork, sawing, drilling, and gluing things together!
Boasting 9,000 lbs. of clamping force, this bench vise is designed for more diverse work with its base and head that rotate 360 degrees for extra customizability.
The head can be locked in at 12 set points, each within 30 degrees, and the base is easy to place and lock the jaws wherever needed.
The vise has four mounting holes to securely attach the vise to a workbench. A large anvil work surface is located on the back of the vise.
The heavy duty ductile iron (60,000 psi) is remarkably strong and can execute mid-level applications flawlessly.
The Capri Tools 10 year warranty is included to give you peace of mind.

2. Yost 750-E Rotating Bench Vise Price:$112.50

Bench Vise

Product Description
The Yost 750-E is a multi-jaw rotating vise. Made from cast iron, this vise is designed for home workshops. For extra versatility in the shop, the head of the vise rotates a full 360 degrees. The side lock-down allows this vise to be clamped at any angle. The base of the vise can also rotate 360 degrees, allowing for optimal work placement. The vise features three different sets of jaws for gripping parts: Machinist Jaws, Pipe Jaws and V-Jaws. The vise has four mounting holes to securely attach the vise to a workbench. A large anvil work surface is located on the back of the vise. The vise features a 5” jaw width and 5” jaw opening.

3.Yost Vises FSV-4 4″ Heavy-Duty Forged Steel Bench Vise with 360-Degree Swivel
Base Price: $130.09

Bench Vise

Product Description
Size: 4 inches
The Yost Forged Steel Bench Vise is a Heavy duty Bench Vise. Constructed out of 75,000 PSI Forged Steel this Vise is meant for metal fabrication and other Heavy duty applications. The Vise features a 360 degree Swivel Base with two lock downs.

4. IRWIN Heavy-Duty Workshop Bench Vise, 6″, 226306ZR Price: $99.84

Bench Vise

Product Description:
Size: 6″
Product Description:
With a 6″ jaw width, the IRWIN Heavy-Duty Workshop Bench Vise features a captured safety jaw to prevent the slide from falling out during use.
At a solid 30.6 lbs., this anvil and pipe jaw incorporated table vise maneuvers quickly into position with a swivel base.
An aggressive set of steel jaws maintain a secure hold to grip tightly and hold fast for steady work.
From the Manufacturer:

The IRWIN 226306 6-inch heavy duty workshop Vise is made of forged iron.
This IRWIN Vise can hold up to 3000+ pounds of clamping pressure. Providing top clamping pressures for heavy duty jobs.
This vise would make a great edition to your workshop.

5. Grizzly G7062 Multi-Purpose 5-Inch Bench Vise Price: $98.94

Bench Vise

Product Description

This multi-purpose bench vise does it all.
Jaw rotate 360 degrees for unlimited workpiece positioning and holds flat stock as well as round stock with the built-in pip jaws. base swivels for greater versatility and there-Inch’s even an anvil face to top it all off. weighs 50 lbs.

6.Wilton 63302 6-Inch Shop Vise Price: $154.99

Bench Vise

Product Description
Size: 6″ Jaw
Product Description:

“JET/WILTON(WALTER MEIER)” GENERAL DUTY SHOP VISE 6″ Jaw Width General Duty Shop Vise 6″ Jaw Opening 3-1/2″ Throat Depth Features Instant Action Engagement 360 Degrees Swivel Base,
Double Lock Downs & Point Base Mounting 25,000
PSI Casting Strength Rubber Pinch Point Safety Guards
Precision Machined Cast U Channel Slide Bar Replaceable
Serrated Top Jaws
From the Manufacturer
This durable shop vise has a 25,000 pound casting.
The four lug base design and double lock downs make this vise very stable under pressure. Easy gliding U channel. Competitively priced.

7. Wilton Model WS8 Jaw Width 8-Inch Throat Depth 4-Inch Shop Vise Price: $239.99

Bench Vise

Product Description
360deg swivel bench vise includes 2 lock downs to secure work position when utilizing swivel. Pipe jaw assists in bending, cutting and holding materials. Anvil attached for pounding. Made with cast iron channel for strength and durability. 25,000 PSI tensile ductile iron body parts.

8. Yost Vises 865-DI 6.5″ Heavy Duty Reversible Bench Vise Made in USA Price: $264.00

Bench Vise

Product Description
Size: 6.5 inches

The Yost Vises multi-purpose reversible combination pipe and bench vise has a 360-degree swivel base, mounts to a workbench to provide clamping action for medium-duty applications, and is made in USA.
The reversible front jaw expands the jaw opening for larger applications.
The 360-degree swivel base adjusts the direction of the jaws for proper placement. Hand-tightening the two lock knobs on the base secures its position.
The ductile iron body provides strength for extended life and has two flat portions that act as an anvil and additional work surface.
The hardened-steel top jaws can be reversed to display either the smooth side for delicate items or the serrated side for enhanced grip, and they can be replaced when worn.
The hardened-steel pipe jaws are serrated for enhanced grip and can be replaced when worn.
The jaws draw closer together or farther apart by turning the vise handle clockwise or counterclockwise.
The main screw that controls the jaws has been continuous rolled for high strength and is covered by a bar to protect it from damage.
A rubber washer on either side of the handle prevents unwanted sliding when turning, and the balls on each end unscrew to enable replacement of the handle if worn.

9. TEKTON 5409 8-Inch Swivel Bench Vise Price: $151.99

Bench Vise

Product Description
The all-purpose heavy duty TEKTON 8 in. Swivel Bench Vise is the benchtop work horse your garage or shop can’t live without. Whether you are repairing vehicles, metalworking, or assembling parts, you can work better, faster and safer knowing it is properly secured. Just lock it in and thread, fasten, build, bend, shape, or sharpen it with confidence. Made from 60,000 PSI malleable steel, durability and dependability are built in. The replaceable non-slip steel jaws deliver up to 8,800 lb. of clamping pressure so your project won’t budge. For forming and shaping metal pieces, the polished anvil offers a smooth, consistent work surface. Built-in serrated pipe jaws hold pipes up to 1-1/2 in. diameter without damaging pipe. Rotate the vise around its 360-degree swivel base and you can position your work in just the right spot. Once there, dual lock-down nuts keep it in place. Turn the sliding T-bar handle and the jaw glides smoothly along the Acme-threaded main screw without binding or chattering, even as clamping pressure increases.


Material: Malleable steel
Jaw opening: 6-3/8 in.
Throat depth: 3-7/8 in.
Pipe jaw capacity: 1-1/4in. – 1/2in.
Anvil size: 3-3/4 in. by 3-3/4 in.
Swivel: 360-degree
Tensile strength: 60,000 PSI
Clamping Pressure: 8,800 lb.
Weight: 40.2 lb.
Mounting holes (3): 11/16 in.

10. K Tool International KTI-64108 8″ Steel Vise Price: $179.27

Bench Vise

Product Description
K Tool International 8″ Steel Vise is much stronger and more dependable than cast iron. It has a jaw opening of 6 inch and weighs 35 lbs.

Technical Details:

Brand  K-Tool International
Item Weight  8.2 pounds
Product Dimensions  21.6 x 10 x 9.6 inches
Item model number  KTI-64108
Manufacturer Part Number  KTI64108

best waist trimmer 2018

Most woman in our country takes their partner as guaranteed  and does not look up at their figure and it turns faty day by day as a result their married life becomes colorless they feel lack of love, here we have described 7 best waist trimmer  of 2016 which will resize their figure and brings back spark in their married life. No No not only married woman but also unmarried lady and man can use these waist trimmer and be confident.  Look at the picture below and compare the beauty effect of waist trimmer.

Effect Of Waist Trimmer

Best waist trimmer of 2016
Here we described 7 Best waist trimmer of 2016 read compare purchase and fix your partner’s eye on your waist area. Feel the spark.

1.Sweet Sweat Premium Waist Trimmer for Men & Women. Includes Free Sample of Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer!

Best Waist Trimmer

About the Product
GET YOUR SWEAT ON: The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer increases your core temperature dring exercise improving sweating and activity.*
FREE Bonus: Try our bestselling Sweet Sweat Gel, enclosed with every trimmer we sell. Use it to enhance the trimmer’s effects during exercise.*
CONTOURED & FLEXES FOR CUSTOM FIT: Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is contoured to fit around your waist comfortably and is naturally flexible, so it adjusts to your shape & size. Simply stretch it around your middle, secure the Velcro closure, and you’re set.
NEO-SWEAT TECHNOLOGY: Made with the Premium latex-free Neoprene for Superior heat insulation. The trimmer’s grid inner lining will not only repel moisture absorption but also prevent slipping and bunching during your workout.*
SIZING: Medium (Fits waist up to 38″).

Product Description

Color: Yellow Logo |
Size: Medium: 8″ Width x 41″ Length
Large (Fits waist up to 44″)
Medium (Fits waist up to 38″)
Small (Fits waist up to 33″)
Flexible Custom Fit For Exercising

The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer was designed by to be worn during exercise. The trimmers contoured fit and flexible neoprene allows for a full range of motion during your workout. Remember not to wear the belt too tight, as this can actually hinder circulation and range of motion during exercise.

Premium Quality Makes The Difference

Forget those cheap, thin ab belts! The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is made with the highest grade Neoprene for Superior heat insulation and lasting wear.

Maximize Results With Sweet Sweat Gel

Use Sweat Sweat in combination with your waist trimmer during exercise and you will be amazed how much more sweat you will achieve than using the belt alone! Before exercise, apply an ample amount of Sweet Sweat to stomach area without rubbing into the skin. Place Waist Trimmer over Sweet Sweat and begin your workout.

Add to Cart Now – It’s Guaranteed!

If you’re not thrilled with your Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer, return it within 90 days of delivery for a money-back refund.

Important Note

Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer does provide back support but is not intended for this use. The Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is not a corset nor does it function like a corset. Please do not wear over any open wounds, or if you’re susceptible to dermatitis or allergic to Neoprene. Do not wear for more than 2 hours as Neoprene is designed to be worn for only short periods of time. Do not wear while sleeping. If you develop a rash discontinue use immediately. New Neoprene often has something similar to a “wetsuit smell”. Don’t worry, this will dissipate over a short time by washing and normal exposure to air.

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2. McDavid Waist Trimmer Ab belt- Weight Loss- Abdominal Muscle & Back Supporter

Best Waist Trimmer

PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS– The therapeutic heat technology in our Waist Trimmer is designed to wrap your entire mid-section and preserve body heat to remove excess water weight.
SUPPORT YOUR CORE– A strong core stabilizes your entire body.The McDavid Waist Trimmer helps build a strong core that offers better balance, stimulates circulation and improves posture. Increased blood flow, muscle stability and rapid recovery all focused on your core.

ENHANCE PERFORMANCE– Compression makes major muscles warm and happy, reducing fatigue and cramping. Compression also decreases loss of energy from excessive motion and vibration during exercise.
PREVENT INJURIES– Our Waist Trimmer provides protection and helps reduce the incidence of injury. Cushions, compresses, and supports lower back and ab muscles during exercise and outdoor use. Also ideal or everyday support.
COMFORTABLE & LIGHT WEIGHT– Made using the highest quality and most innovative technology and materials. Made of 100% Latex-free neoprene construction for thermal/compression therapy and soft tissue support. Non-slip neoprene inner layer maintains positioning to prevent slipping during your workout.
RELIEVES MUSCLE SORENESS– Retains therapeutic heat to relieve sore muscles and arthritis. Speeds your return to activity and enhances performance.
IMPROVE POSTURE– Our neoprene Waist Trimmer provides support for the lower back and abdominal muscles promoting improve posture.

3.Waist Trimmer Ab Belt for Faster Weight Loss. Includes FREE Fully Adjustable Impact Resistant Smartphone Sleeve for iPhone 6/6S
100% Latex Free Neoprene
PROTECT and REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY: It is recommended for victims of back and spine trauma. If you find yourself having regular back pains, poor posture or just a really bad pain at the end of the work day, Reformer Adjustable Waist Trimmer Ab Belt will give you the extra support you need to stand up straight by removing the pressure on your back and relieving sore muscles and arthritis.
THERAPEUTIC FAT BURNING HEAT: will accelerate weight loss and will create a portable sauna around your waist, by increasing circulation in abdominal area and by stimulating toxins loss during fitness activity, for burning more calories
CUSHIONS, COMPRESS AND SUPPORTS LOWER BACK by improving posture and providing instant abdominal compression and lumbar support; Because of its new technology and design, Reformer Waist Trimmer Ab Belt gives you the possibility to walk, run, cycle or even do yoga and loss weight by maximizing and preserving body heat in the abdominal area
NO SMELL AND NO SLIPPING. Reformer Waist Trimmer Ab Belt is made of new high quality three-dimensional structure neoprene with an anti-slip technology, with great breathability and shape support; Adjustable Velcro closure fitting waist up to 44 inches and 7.5 inches wide
2 FREE BONUSES: Fully Adjustable Velcro Smartphone Neoprene Sleeve (iPhone 6 and 6S compatible) + The Healthy eBook of Detox SMOOTHIES & Protein SHAKES (15 Unique Recipes for busting your Weight Loss program and finally get the killer ABS that you worked for!); If you are not satisfied with the results, we provide full refund, so either your like it or it’s FREE.

4. Sanberd Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt, One Size, Black
Raises the body temperature in the abdominal area to help optimize metabolism and burn off extra calories during exercises.

Best Waist Trimmer of 2016

Uniform compressions exerted on the entire core area to protect the abdominal and lower back muscles from fatigue and strain.

Professionally engineered to retain body heat in the waist area to remove excess water weight during exercise and prevent heat stroke.

High-quality 7.5 x 37″ belt fits up to 40″ in waist size; Velcro closure is easily adjustable and accommodates users with different needs.

5.EzyFit Waist Trimmer Belt, Help Weight Loss & Back Posture Support Stomach & Body Wrap, Strengthen Tummy Abs, Belly Fat Burning Sauna Adjustable Velcro Belt, Money Back Guarantee.

Best Waist Trimmer of 2016

MOBILE SAUNA FOR YOUR WAIST – Target and tone your midsection to burn stomach fat faster with the best quality EzyFit waist trainer belt that feels great & really makes you sweat away toxins and maximise calorie burn.
TONE, CONTOUR & LOSE WEIGHT AROUND YOUR STOMACH – Wrap an EzyFit exercise belt firmly around your waist, pat down the strong velcro closure and exercise, walk or simply go about your day to tone, trim, shape and curve your waist.
THERAPEUTIC, FAT BURNING HEAT APPLIED DIRECTLY TO YOUR WAIST – EzyFit stomach trimmer is made of 3mm thick Neoprene it fits snuggly and stays tight around your waist to generate and trap heat that targets cellulite and increases blood flow to expel excess water and toxins.
TIGHTEN YOUR ABS & IMPROVE POSTURE – EXTRA LONG & WIDE – Wearing an EzyFit neoprene waist trimmer, you will notice improved posture helping to strengthen your lower back muscles and support your stance as well as heating and soothing back muscles. The EzyFit wide waist trimmer belt is totally adjustable from a 30″ – 46″ waist and is 8″ wide, making wearing it comfortable and effective.
QUALITY PRODUCT MADE TO LAST – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – High quality double stitched product, strong velcro closure, easy and comfortable to wear and it fits! Easy care hand washable material. We know you’ll be so happy with this exercise tummy belt that we offer a 100% replacement guarantee.

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Product Description
If you are looking for a waist trimmer belt that fits your body, stays snug and tight to burn belly fat and provides long lasting, effective support the EzyFit is made for you.

We tried all the others and discovered what is really important in an exercise belt:

– Designed to work from the smallest waist and to stretch to a 46†waist
– Wide enough to cover the stomach area and stay put during exercise
– Rounded, double stitched edges for comfort and durability
– Thick enough to produce the heat needed to get results and hold itâ€TMs shape
– Blend of quality Neoprene, Nylon & Polyester to form a firm bond with the velcro fastening
– So comfortable that you hardly notice you are wearing it
– Suitable for left or right handed for everyone to easily wrap, pat & go
– Made to last and easy to wash and keep clean
When you put on the EzyFit Tummy Trimmer you will instantly feel a difference in posture and support. This effect will last throughout your entire workout, providing the best quality heat to burn fat, move cellulite and expel toxins.

6. 35″-60″waistline Neoprene 5 Zipper Adjustable Weight Loss Slimming Belt Waist Trimmer
It is stylish waist trimmer.

Wear under clothing to do your normal daily chores ,fit for waistline 35″-60″
Ideal for walking, jogging, cycling, aerobics, weightlifting and much more Wear while exercising or working
Made of high grade neoprene bonded to nylon

Tightness construction and the even protection based on tridimensional sewing technology, maintain the best support during movement conditions.

Similar tension as muscle stretch which leads to nature protection.

Product Description

Due to the manufacturing process,Storage and/or dispatch,You may notice a strong odour the first time you unpack the article.This odour will disappear after a little while and is harmless.

If the odour bothers you, clean the product a few times .

Helps reduce fat and cellulite Start losing inches around your waist and love handles just by wearing the belt during your daily activities or exercise.

Become a fat-burning machine and get slim waist you’ve always wanted.

7. Bracoo Adjustable Waist Trimmer Belt, One Size, Black
Raises the body temperature in the abdominal area to help optimize metabolism and burn off extra calories during exercises
Uniform compressions exerted on the entire core area to protect the abdominal and lower back muscles from fatigue and strain
Professionally engineered to retain body heat in the waist area to remove excess water weight during exercise and prevent heat stroke
High-quality 7.5 x 37″ belt fits up to 40″ in waist size; Velcro closure is easily adjustable and accommodates users with different needs.

Product Description
Bracoo specializes in combining innovative technology and high quality materials to produce sporting equipment like no others. Each piece is made with superior craftsmanship and examined by the highest standards in the industry. Every Bracoo product aims to help you achieve your maximum potential on and off the court. From performance enhancement to ultimate protection, Bracoo has got you covered!

Bracoo waist trimmers are professionally engineered to help you remove excess water weight from the waist area. Made of 100% neoprene, the Bracoo waist trimmer is designed to insulate body heat. You can wrap it around your waist during work out or doing daily choirs. Waist trimmer keeps the heat generated by your body and helps you sweat off excessive water to achieve the goal of “trimming.” It can also provide fundamental support to your lower back muscle and help relieve back pain. You can wear it either under or outside of clothes. Lightweight and flexible. One size fits up to 40 inch.

Thanks for reading our article on best waist trimmer and giving yourself time.

best airless paint sprayer 2018

Paint Sprayer guns evolved from airbrushes, and the two are usually distinguished by their size and the size of the spray pattern they produce. Airbrushes are hand-held and used instead of a brush for detailed work such as photo retouching, painting nails or fine art. Airless Paint Sprayer uses equipment that is generally larger. It is typically used for covering large surfaces with an even coating of liquid. Paint Sprayer can be either automated or hand-held and have interchangeable heads to allow for different spray patterns. Single color aerosol paint cans are portable and easy to store.

One application of spray painting is graffiti. The introduction of inexpensive and portable aerosol paint has been a boon to this art form, which has spread all over the world. Spray painting has also been used in fine art. Jules Olitski, Dan Christensen, Peter Reginato, Sir Anthony Caro, and Jean-Michel Basquiat have used airbrushes, for both painting and sculpture.

Best Airless Paint Sprayer 2016
1.Graco 390 Electric Airless Paint Sprayer, Stand Style Price: $789.00

Airless Paint Sprayer

Product Description

Airless Paint Sprayer, Commerical, 5/8 HP, Flow Rate 0.47 GPM, 120 Volts, 15 Amps AC, Max. Pressure 3300 PSI, Paint Sprayer Supported 1, Tip Size Included 0.015, Max. Tip Size 0.021 In. Hose Length 300 Ft. , Includes Metal Gun, Hose, Tip.
The 390 is a solid workhorse built for the professional just “starting out.” Light-weight and portable-at only 30 pounds it’s easy to lift and carry.
Ideal for residential jobs, and the best value in small electric sprayers.
Endurance Pump with long-life V-Max packings, Chromex rod and hardened stainless steel cylinder.
QuikAccess intake valve to easily clean or clear debris. Consistent pressure control delivers quality spray pattern with minimal fluctuation.
Units include: FTx Gun, RAC X 515 SwitchTip and Guard, 1/4 in x 50 ft BlueMax II Airless Hose.
2. Graco Magnum 261820 ProX9 Hi-Boy Cart Airless Paint Sprayer Price: $878.75

Maximum delivery rating:0.38 gallons per minute gallons per minute, pump directly from 1 or 5 gallon paint containers
Maximum operating pressure: 3000 psi – pounds per square inch
Maximum tip size: 0.019-Inch
7/8 Horsepower – runs off a 15 Amp household current or 1500 Watt generator
Maximum hose length: 150 feet
Sprays a wide variety of coating from stains to heavy latex and acrylics. (Excludes lacquer, block filler, asphalt and texture-filled materials)

Product Description – Heavy-duty airless paint sprayer designed for the handyman, remodeling contractor, property maintenance person, or residential or small painting contractor with frequent (twice-a-month) painting needs. Ideal for interiors or exteriors, rental properties and light commercial work. Comes with everything you need to get you spraying immediately, including; a SG3 Metal Airless Paint Sprayer with built-in hose swivel, full trigger and in-handle filter, 50-feet of Graco DuraFlex hose, RAC IV 515 airless spray tip, 8-ounces of Pump Armor storage fluid and an operational DVD and quick start-up guide. New durable, easy-to-clean cart with handle that folds down for compact storage. Features a QuickAccess inlet valve which allows removal of any debris to eliminate downtime and a InstaClean pump filter helps remove debris, reducing tip plugs and providing a better finish.

3.Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17 Stand Paint Sprayer Price: $643.47

The New ProXChange System eliminates downtime with quick, no-tools, pump replacement on the job ProX Piston Pump -patented power-piston pump for greater reliability, repairability, durability and long life Adjustable Pressure Control – align to user-friendly symbols for low-to-high power spraying and rolling Includes the Premium SG3 Gun, DuraFlex 50′ x 1/4″ airless paint hose and a Reverse-A-Clean .015 Spray Tip 3000 PSI, .34 GPM, 3/4 HP DC Motor supports a longer extension cord and up to 150 ft of airless hose (refer to manual).

Product Description – The Magnum ProX17 is designed for the Remodeler, Property Owner, and Maintenance Professional. It provides 10% more output than the Magnum X7 for those with more demanding spraying needs, and is ideal for spraying interiors or exteriors, rental properties, barns, houses, fences and decks. This sprayer is compatible with up to .017 in. tip sizes, and it has fully adjustable spray settings for spraying a wide variety of coatings. (Excludes lacquer, block filler, asphalt and texture-filled materials.)

4. Graco 17C305 Pro 210ES Pro Connect Paint Sprayer Price: $929.00

Easily swap out the worn pump within minutes in 4 simple steps with a spare/replacement pump that has no loose parts to lose Sprays . 47-gallons per minute and supports up to .021-inch spray tip 1-HP DC motor can run on longer extension cords.

The Endurance Pump with exclusive V-Max packings delivers the longest life and most reliable performance Comes complete with SG3 metal spray gun, 515 spray tip, 50 ft. duraflex airless paint hose, TSL, operational DVD and quick start-up guide Sprays a wide variety of coating from stains to heavy latex and acrylics. (Excludes block filler, asphalt and texture-filled materials.)

Product Description – The Graco Pro 210ES Airless Paint Sprayer with ProConnect is a real workhorse with the performance to handle the demands of daily painting needs whether exterior or interior paint jobs, houses or small commercial projects. Keep productivity going with the new ProConnect Easy Pump Replacement System. Easily replace a worn out pump on-the-job, virtually eliminating downtime and reducing maintenance costs. Provides great coverage of interior walls and ceilings, exterior siding, decks and fences.
From the Manufacturer
Graco – The Brand Preferred by Pros. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a serious DIY enthusiast, a handyman or remodeling contractor, or a painting professional, Graco makes the ideal airless spraying equipment to meet your needs. Whether you are just starting out or moving up, choose the Magnum or Graco model to help you handle your job with ease. No matter what you’re painting—entire homes, rooms, decks or fences—Graco has you covered!.

6. Wagner 0515077 ProCoat V2 Paint Sprayer Price: $318.59

1/2 HP motor produces a flow of 0.24 GPM which will support a .015 in. paint spray tip 515 reversible spray tip 25 ft. x 1/4 in. airless hose Inlet valve pusher Maximum operating pressure of up to 2,800 PSI

Product Description – Designed for the homeowner. draws paint and stains directly from 1 or 5 gallon pail. varible pressure adjusts for thin or thick paints and stains. 1/2 hp provides power to spray a large range of materials. includes professional grade gx-05 metal spray gunwith in line paint filter, reversable 515 tip and 25′ hose.

Key Features & Specifications: 1/2 HP motor produces a flow of 0.24 GPM which will support a .015 inch paint spray tip Maximum operating pressure of 2,800 PSI for spraying power Capable of spraying thick latex paints without thinning Draw paint, stain or sealers directly from 1-gallon can or 5-gallon pail Paint Sprayer swivel and 25-foot hose for great mobility and long reach Adjustable pressure reduces overspray with thin materials 4-finger metal spray gun trigger for control 515-reversible airless tip clears clogs with a twist of the wrist Clean mode for easy clean-up Handle for easy transport 1-year manufacturer warranty covers the product against defects in material and workmanship for 1 year following the date of purchase if operated in accordance with Wagner’s printed recommendations and instructions.
Pressure rating: 2800 PSI
Included tip: 515
Maximum tip: 015 in
Motor: 1/2 hp
Flow rate: 0.24 gpm
Input power: 120 volts / 60 Hz.

7. Titan 0516013 XT330 Airless Sprayer Price: $549.00

Product Description – Minneapolis-based Wagner spraytech corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wagner holding, INC., is a market leader in advanced paint applicators. It develops and markets a wide array of painting and decorating products used in home improvement, commercial painting and industrial fine finishing. They make it easier to prepare surfaces, apply paints and other coatings, and clean up after painting. Wagner supports its customers through innovation, high tech engineering, quality manufacturing and service. Follow Wagner on Facebook and twitter.

Developed using the greatest innovation Made using the highest quality materials Made to outperform.

8. Graco 16N657 TrueCoat Pro II Cordless Paint Sprayer Price: $448.85

Sprays material as designed by the paint manufacturer – no thinning required Achieve the best spray finish by simply adjusting the pressure for a consistent, even spray pattern for one-pass coverage 20V Lithium-Ion Battery Packs allow for ultimate portability – An airless sprayer in the palm of your hand! Tilt-N-Spray suction tube allows for full range spraying motion without losing prime Ability to replace all parts of sprayer with simple, modular components to extend the sprayer life Spray a wide variety of coatings from stains to heavy latex and acrylics. (Do not use with materials that state “flammable” on packaging)

Product Description
TrueCoat Pro II Cordless handheld sprayers are the fastest and easiest way to complete your 1-2 gallon paint projects. Sprays material as designed by the paint manufacturer – no thinning required.
From the Manufacturer
Graco – The Brand Preferred by Pros. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a serious DIY enthusiast, a handyman or remodeling contractor, or a painting professional, Graco makes the ideal airless spraying equipment to meet your needs. Whether you are just starting out or moving up, choose the Magnum or Graco model to help you handle your job with ease. No matter what you’re painting—entire homes, rooms, decks or fences—Graco has you covered!.

9. Earlex HV5500 Spray Station Price: $299.99

Compact, lightweight modern design Professional quality gun Push-n-click spray pattern adjustment Includes only 2.0mm needle Easier than ever to get the results you want.

Product Description
The Spray Station 5500 is a semi-pro unit designed for light contractor, serious woodworking and automotive enthusiasts. This HVLP paint spraying unit is ideal for use in the workshop, around the home or on the job site. The professional gun and the powerful turbine make the Spray Station 5500 a perfect tool to achieve that showroom finish on cabinets, furniture and even cars. For contractors, interior or exterior trim, doors, shutters and many other small to medium size jobs can be completed faster using less material in the process. The 5500 includes a 650-Watt turbine that generates 42 CFM and 2.2 PSI, 13-Feet hose and 5.5-Feet power cord. The lightweight Spray Station 5500 features on-board storage for the pro spray gun, hose and cord and includes a carry handle for easy portability. The durable professional spray gun comes complete with a 2.0mm stainless steel tip and needle and a 1 qt. PTFE coated paint container with quick release lever. The pro gun features a Fast “Push N Click” 3 spray pattern changing system, paint volume control dial and a dynamic control action trigger. Complete a multitude of projects with a large variety of materials including thinned latex, lacquers, urethanes, varnishes, oils, shellacs, stains, sealers, enamels, glazes and many more.

Semi-pro System
The Earlex 5500 spray station is a powerful HLVP semi-pro unit designed for light contractor jobs, woodworkers, serious DIY’ers and automotive enthusiasts. The portability of the 5500 spray station makes this unit ideal for workshop, home or job site use. Contractors can complete small to medium size jobs like interior or exterior trim, doors, shutters and more, faster using less material in the process.

Power and Precision
The professional metal spray gun and more powerful 650 watt turbine make the 5500 spray station an ideal tool to achieve a quality professional finish on a wide variety of projects. The pro spray gun has a fast push-and-click three-position external spray pattern changing system with from 1-inch to 12-inch fan widths. Just “push and click” to change your spray pattern from vertical to horizontal or round. Easily move around the job site using the 5500 spray station convenient carry handle. The 5500 is ideal for use in many environments where a great finish is required or overspray presents a problem.

What Can Be Sprayed
The 5500 spray station can be used indoors or outdoors for multiple projects. Use the 5500 with many different oil-based and water-based materials including: thinned latex, stains, lacquers, varnishes, sealers, oils, urethanes, shellacs, acrylics and enamels.

What’s in the Box
Standard features on the pro spray gun are: a fast push-and-click three-position external spray pattern changing system, paint flow control dial, stainless steel tip and needle and an angled paint pick-up tube for overhead or downward spraying. The one-quart Teflon coated paint container makes cleanup easy. The 5500 also features convenient on-board storage for the spray gun, a 13-foot air hose and 5.5-foot power cord.

10. Powerstroke PSL1PS22 Airless/HVLP-Assist Paint Sprayer price  $322.48

This item is Powerstroke PSL1PS22 Airless/HVLP-Assist Paint Sprayer Used for Painting Supplies Paint Sprayers & Guns This product is Manufactured in China. 31 GPM at 3000 PSI for spraying undiluted latex and solvent-based paints on both exterior and interior applications Variable pressure control for spraying a broad range of coatings from stains and sealers to architectural flat coatings Hand-truck style cart with folding handle makes transport around the job site easy.

Paint container platform holds 1-gallon and 5-gallon containers Removable tool bag has room to store hoses, spray gun, tips, accessories and tools.

Product Description
Professional Airless Paint Sprayer for spraying latex and solvent-based coatings. Use as an airless sprayer or as an HVLP-Assist fine-finish sprayer to spray BOTH architectural and fine-finish coatings. Includes two (2) reversible spray tips (size 311 and 517), 50′ x 1/4″ paint hose, 25′ HVLP air hose and professional dual-spray spray gun.
From the Manufacturer
Professional airless paint sprayer for spraying latex and solvent-based coatings. Use as an airless sprayer or as an HVLP-Assist fine-finish sprayer to spray BOTH architectural and fine-finish coatings. Includes two (2) reversible spray tips (size 311 and 517), 50′ x 1/4″ paint hose, 25′ HVLP air hose and professional dual-spray spray gun.

best common saws 2018

Ten Best common saws of 2017

If you’ve ever had to do a construction project you know how annoying it can be to try finding the right tools.  Fortunately, there are a scope of various apparatuses that you can discover to make things less demanding on you.

These ten  saws are the most prevalent ones around in light of the fact that they can finish pretty much any venture you need. In the event that one of them can’t do what you’re searching for another unquestionably can and that implies you will complete the process of anything speedier.  The key is to make sure you’re asking yourself some important questions before you choose just one of the following (or another) saw to complete the job.

You should know in what type of project you are going to walk. You should know in what type of machine you are going to walk whether in manual saws or electricity saws. So you have to decide in what saws you have to work with.

Best heated jacket

Traditional handsaw- Best common saws
This is the saw that you likely consider at first when you think of a saw.  It need a absolute sharpened steel and often either an aluminum or wood handle. To use it all you need to do is set the blade on the object you want to cut (usually wood or another soft material) and slide it back and forth until the blade cuts all the way through.It’s especially used for primary construction or small projects such as cutting wood for building purposes. This is why you will find a handsaw in just about any tool bag because it is will solve various types of problem or work and can be used for a number of  other purposes.

Best patio heater

DEWALT DW715 15-Amp 12-Inch Single-Bevel Compound Miter Saw –
This product will satisfy the requirement of the customer.  It has a a carbide blade, dust bag, blade wrench and comfortable side handles in the base.  It will allow you to  override the miter stops and adjust to the desired setting without the saw slipping into the miter  detents. This compound miter saw is ready for a range of crosscutting and miter-cutting applications.  So you can select this miter saw for your construction work.

3. Iconic Hacksaw – Best common saws
This kind of observed is useful for cutting harder materials like plastic and metal, yet for the most part these pieces will be more slender than the ones that are utilized with a customary handsaw. This kind of observed is typically utilized for pipes or electrical work since it works best with these sorts of materials and you will locate various experts in these areas that use them.

With this saw you can easily get through a number of materials but it is primarily for making a straight cut. It does not work as well with cutting finer points or attempting to make more intricate designs because of the form of the saw.

4. COPING SAW – Best common saws
If you’re going to be doing woodworking you’ll want to look at this type of saw that will make the job a whole lot easier. It has a very small, fine blade that allows you to get into finer details with your woodworking and it has a wider “C” than the iconic hacksaw previously discussed. You also will have a simple wooden ‘bar’ handle to hold onto while you’re sawing.

Because these saws have a thinner blade it’s very flexible, which means it must be used carefully to get the right cuts and intricacies. It does have a smaller size, however, which makes it easier to move around in a smaller space.

5.  Jigsaw –Best common saws
This is the first of our top saws that actually uses power. It also has a different type of blade than the ones we’ve already mentioned because it’s only attached on one side. The other side is entirely free so that  Jigsaw can be used to cut through plywood and create lines.

You’ll be able to use this tool for DIY projects that use plywood especially because it can create curves or even straight lines. The blade itself is relatively thin but not as flexible as the blade on a coping saw. The frame is also heavy plastic which makes it easier to hold and maneuver.

When turned on the blade moves up and down as you slide the saw forward to make a cut. You’ll be able to cut through larger or smaller sizes of material because of this style, though it moves slowly and therefore will require a little more time to push through.


Do you know the amazing Benefits of Kissing?

Kissing makes a people happier, Kissing decrease stress, Kissing helps us in meditation, Kissing makes a people happier, Kissing increase our confidence, Kiss reduces heart disease and much more read below total Benefits of Kissing.

Not only there are only Benefits of Kissing but also there are some negative effects but they are very little…

Bad effects of kissing – There are some bad effects of kissing. The couple who does light kissing there is also some bad effects.To avoid those bad effects couple should know each other whether they have any type of illness.The main harm of kissing is deep kiss because they remain the chance of transferring of fluid which is very much harmful.before kissing the couple should know whether they have any type of disease like flu, any type of cut.In deep kissing their remains a chance of transferring virus-2 that is Herpes Simplex.

You should keep your oral health healthy. Than Only there will be Benefits of Kissing..

***Do you know how much time a normal Human Takes in kissing? Without Knowing the Benefits of Kissing.

The normal individual spends over 22,000 minutes of their life kissing that means 366.666 hours and in light of current circumstances. Notwithstanding the advantages above, kissing has been appeared to support your insusceptible framework and diminish unfavourably susceptible reactions in individuals with skin or nasal sensitivities.

***One day I went to a park near Hooghly River there I saw a couple kissing each other and this makes me feel about my partner. After that, I started to think about my partner and I started to feel something about my partner which make me happier. After few days I went to a cinema there again I saw a couple kissing each other which makes me started to think again about my partner. This time I became eager to kiss my partner by seeing the couple in a cinema hall. This is because when you see someone Loving your love hormone secrets and you also feel the need of being loved or love someone.

Now Read :

24 Benefits of Kissing

Before going To discuss Benefits of Kissing I would like to say a little about the preparation of kissing.

Preparation For Kiss

  • We should prepare our self before kissing the men should have a clean shave before kissing and also some perfume to keep themselves fresh.
  • Similarly, the women should use some attracting perfume which will help in kissing.
  • Both men and women should prepare their lips before kissing.
  • Should Remove dryness of lips because the wet lip is better for best kisses.
  • Smoother lips help in kissing so to make a smoother lips men should use lip bum women can use lipstick but the sticky lipstick is not good for the kiss.
  • Another essential thing is the couple should look over the smell of their mouth bad smell from the mouth is not good for the kiss. So to avoid bad smell the couple should brush before the kiss and they should not eat anything for which the bad smell will come out from their mouth like onion, curry etc.

***Benefits of Kissing:

Few important points about Benefits of Kissing 

Benefits of Kissing No#1

Decrease stress– Kissing helps us in meditation. Meditation reduces stress keeps one calm. It reduces the stress hormone cortical and it adds serotonin level. In our every day busy schedule kiss releases our stress and it helps us to have a stress free life from our busy schedule. As reported in a Science magazine research says that Kiss acts like a charger for a human body. The work efficiency increases by 75% in both after a good kiss with love by a female partner.

A good kiss can reduce stress and boost up a body by 75%. That means the efficiency increases by 75% after A wet kiss.

Benefits of Kissing No#2

Helps us in meditation- Is has been proved that while during meditation A steamy kiss of wife or female partner increases your concentration level which helps someone in meditation.

Batsayon great Indian Sage Wrote in Kamasutra that A single kiss if done appropriately helps the partner in achieving success.

Benefits of Kissing No#3

Makes a people happier – It makes our mood well. In our everyday work we give very few time in kissing our partner but if we give more time in kissing our partner then both of us will remain happy by kissing each other. And kissing increases Oxytocin Level .

This [oxytocin] is the hormone of love, and the better the oxytocin levels, the more capacity for love,’ explains psychotherapist Arthur Janov, Ph.D., author of ‘The Biology of Love’ and the director of the Primal Center in Santa Monica, Calif. ‘We have found that those who cannot commit in a love relationship are low in oxytocin.’”

Source: Healthy Living

Benefits of Kissing No#4

Lower our blood pressure –  Our blood pressure comes from headaches and tension and from many more way. So if we kiss our partner it will release our headaches and tension automatically it will reduce our blood pressure.

Research Says that a couple can reduce their blood pressure after a prolonged kiss.

Benefits of Kissing No#5

Increase our confidence – Before going to any kind of work we should kiss our partner it increase our confidence. It has been seen that people who kiss each other before going to any kind of work they earn more money than the other who does not kiss their partner before going to their work.

A famous footballer said in an interview that he has observed that whenever he appeared on the ground after kissing his girlfriend he won the match It may be a luck factor but it always increases his confidence.

Benefits of Kissing No#6

It makes our immunity power well- People who kiss their partner improved their immunity power. It has been seen in many ways that people who kiss their partner they fall in disease less than the people who do not kiss their partner. So kissing improve s our immunity power.I.Ga Immunity system is our bodies first type of defence.  So people who kiss have the lesser disease.

Doctor J.William a famous immunologist said kissing can boost immune system by stimulating IgG & IgM(factors effecting MHC Major Histocompatibility Complex )

A late study reported in the diary Medical Hypotheses says kissing may build a lady’s invulnerability from Cytomegalovirus. Cytomegalovirus contracted through the mouth to mouth contact, can bring about baby visual deficiency and other birth imperfections if the mother is a transporter amid pregnancy. Something else, the bug is generally safe for grown-ups. Kissing has for quite some time been thought to be an approach to go along bugs and in this way fortify the body’s barriers.

Benefits of Kissing No#7

 It’s a type of exercise- Kissing our partner is a type of our exercise. its a healthy exercise with a partner who kisses each other. I wish if it was a way to lose weight. If it was so then imagining what would be the scenery… Not completely but partially Kissing is a very good exercise in a different way. It can Be an exercise with fun… Practice like The images Below for a month and see the result.

Sex supports your heart rate, blaze calories, and fortify muscles, much the same as activity. Truth be told, research uncovered that sex smoulders around four calories a moment for men and three for ladies, making it (on occasion) a “huge” type of exercise.It can even help you to keep up your adaptability and parity.


Benefits of Kissing No#8

Kiss reduce calories- It has been often seen that people who kiss their partner reduce calories. Kiss turn the calories into ashes from 8-16 percent.

As you incline in, your lips touch and your heart skirts a beat. Well perhaps it doesn’t avoid a beat, however, it certainly beats speedier. As the heart thumps speedier it discharges adrenaline, otherwise called epinephrine and different neurotransmitters in the blood. The support in adrenaline builds your digestion system and smoulders calories. An enthusiastic kiss, enduring around twenty seconds can wreck to 2-3 calories for each moment.

A study by Dr Alexander DeWees indicated “an enthusiastic kiss, enduring around twenty seconds can wreck to 2-3 calories for each moment.”

Benefits of Kissing No#9

Kissing keeps facial muscles strong-  Beyond any doubt tight abs or sans cellulite thighs might be first on the Tone Up rundown, however, don’t think little of the workout your mouth gets amid a make-out session. Specialists say you utilize 34 muscles while kissing and the kissing keeps your cheeks tight. Decent.

We’ll take what we can get. Hope you understood!!!!!!!!……

Benefits of Kissing No#10

Kiss reduces heart disease- People who kiss their partner they have less heart disease. As it’s a type of exercise its helps in decreasing our heart disease.So it is necessary to kiss our partner to reduce diseases like heart disease.It says by a doctor that kiss improves our heartbeat rate.For that, it improves our heart disease.

Kissing keeps your pulse and cholesterol level low. An investigation of living together and wedded couples demonstrated an expanded recurrence of kissing diminished anxiety, expanded relationship fulfillment, and diminished cholesterol levels. Anxiety is a surely understood danger component for coronary illness. In this manner kisses keep you heart sound with a one-two punch by bringing down pulse and cholesterol levels and balancing out the cardiovascular framework.

 Several doctors are at one with the effect of kissing on cardiovascular system . They says that who are good kisser are owner of healthy heart.  

Benefits of Kissing No#11

Kiss helps in doing best sex with a partner- The couple who kisses each other before doing sex it improves their romance between each other.

And famous sexologist P. John says sex without blowjob is not a sex. A couple can never get the complete pleasure of sex like heaven without blowjob.

Benefits of Kissing No#12

Kiss helps in sorting out the misunderstanding between a couple- The people who have a misunderstanding between each other should kiss each other to kick away their misunderstanding. The couple who does kiss in their misunderstanding they cannot fetch away their misunderstanding quickly.

Men, more than ladies, use kissing trying to end battles.

Benefits of Kissing No#13

Kiss improves our mood- After a whole day work and by getting harassment from our boss we feel very sad from our heart. So people who kiss their partner feel well after their whole day work. so we should kiss our partner to improve our mood or temperament.

Amid a lip-lock the cerebrum discharges DOPAMINE and which is in charge of sentiments of longing and holding, and serotonin that hoists your temperament. The sentiments and feelings blended up, and particles and chemicals discharged all through the body from a kiss can mend passionate “mistakes.”

Benefits of Kissing No#14

It decrease pain- It has been seen that kissing decrease pain. A person who is suffering in pain for some disease or maybe some fracture or small cut decrease their pain by kissing their couple. So kissing helps a person in decreasing pain as because people started to forget about the pain and gave his mind and concentration on kissing.

 Sexual movement discharges torment lessening hormones and has been found to decrease or piece back and leg torment, and also torment from menstrual issues, joint inflammation and cerebral pains. One concentrate even found that sexual movement can prompt halfway or complete help of cerebral pain in some headache and group migraine patients 

Benefits of Kissing No#15

It improves bonding between a couple- The person who kisses each other improves their bonding between each other as they kiss each other after their whole day hard work. So its necessary to kiss our partner to improve our bonding. The couple who kisses their partner their romance increases and also increases the love between them which needed very much in love or in marriage life. That’s Why a Prostitute never allows lips kiss during sex naturally.

When my wife kisses me, it’s like she’s telling me, ‘I love you‘ without words,”

Benefits of Kissing No#16

Kiss fight against cavities- When we kiss saliva production increases in our mouth, and this helps to remove plaque from our tooth that may lead to cavities. That said cavity-causing bacteria can also be transferred through a kiss, especially if the person we are kissing has bad oral cavity habits.

 Toss in a little tongue and you may keep the dental practitioner away. Kissing expands salivation creation and this spit washes away microscopic organisms that can bring about cavities, tooth rot, and plaque develop. 

Benefits of Kissing No#17

Kissing is the transfer of happiness- When we fill happy we want to spend time with our partner that may be the reason for kissing our partner. It is also true that sometimes when filling happy we come to our partner for coming closer which may become the transfer of happiness through the kiss. So kisses help us in transferring happiness.

Benefits of Kissing No#18

Kiss helps to decrease allergies- Kissing helps in decreasing allergies it can be decreased by two different way.When a mother kisses her baby the skin allergies decrease due to IgE and cytokines in an atopic patient.Another way is a couple kissing each other it also decrease each other’s allergy due to IgE and cytokine in an atopic patient.So it shows that kisses help us in decreasing allergies.

 Kissing diminishes IgE antibodies in the blood that are in charge of the arrival of histamine. Histamine discharge in the circulation system causes hypersensitivity indications, for example, wheezing and watery eyes. Along these lines, all the more kissing means less sniffling and histamine discharge. 

Benefits of Kissing No#19

Kiss helps in starting a relation-  In a new relation, kiss helps a couple to make a healthy relationship.It often shows that when we start a relation their remains a gap between a boy and a girl thinking. So to ruin those gaps kiss is necessary for a couple to have a healthy and a beautiful relation.

Benefits of Kissing No#20

Kiss Improves heavy muscles power– One kiss needs a heavy muscle power. One kiss needs 146 muscles to coordinate, including 34 facial muscles and 112 postural muscles. A researcher said that kiss takes heavy muscles power that one kiss needs 146 muscles to coordinate, including 34 facial muscles.

It increases Flexibility of muscle and also the body.

 Benefits of Kissing No#21

Kissing calms us and gives us pleasure- Kiss increase the level of oxytocin which another way known as the love hormone and this love hormone calms us.Kiss helps us in giving pleasure as it takes two couple near.So it helps in having pleasure between a couple.

Benefits of Kissing No#22

Increases re-productivity In woman- Bodily fluid layers inside the mouth are penetrable to hormones, for example, testosterone. Through open-mouth kissing, men brought testosterone into a lady’s mouth. Testosterone is absorbed through the mucous membranes in the woman’s mouth and increases arousal and the likelihood that she will engage in reproductive behaviour.

Benefits of Kissing No#23

Improve Probability Of Intercourse In woman Ladies utilize the power and recurrence of kissing to assess a man’s reasonableness for fleeting connections and judging the capability of a transient relationship developing into a long haul relationship. Men use kissing, particularly in fleeting connections, to improve the probability of having intercourse.

Benefits of Kissing No#24

Aromatherapy- **Open mouth kissing advances salivary exchanges. Salivation contains salts, minerals, and different substances that make breath scent change as ladies advancement through their menstrual cycle. These progressions direct a lady’s receptivity to procreative exercises.

There comes out a unique smell from mouth and body of couples which attracts both of them and always keeps them close and the smell makes kissing and the moment erotic and builds up a feeling in them that they are made for each other. Sometimes it acts like Aromatherapy.

After Reading Benefits Of kissing Hope you will love kissing??? Is it so…. It should not be, an article can only enhance mood but liking is a feeling of inner self and desire of kissing your loved one means your RaatRani is need of soul and expression of love.

So kisses help in having the healthy life as it makes a people happier through romance. Kiss helps in having a tension free life as it helps in distracting our mind from the job and from the whole day busy schedule. A couple has a good or better life when romance is there between them and kiss is very much necessary for romance.But we should also remember that deep kiss is not good for our health.So we should kiss but before that, we should know that both of the couples have any type of illness or not and we should also prepare our self before kiss that really helps in a kiss. Thanks for reading our article 24 Benefits of Kissing now collect all the benefits…

best electric razor for women 2018

The Electric Razor (also known as the electric dry shaver) has a rotating or oscillating blade. The Electric Razor usually does not require the use of shaving cream, soap, or water. The Electric Razor may be powered by a small DC motor, which is either powered by batteries or mains electricity. Many modern ones are powered using rechargeable batteries. Alternatively, an electro-mechanical oscillator driven by an AC-energized solenoid may be used. Some very early mechanical shavers had no electric motor and had to be powered by hand, for example by pulling a cord to drive a flywheel.

Electric Razor fall into two main categories: foil or rotary style. Users tend to prefer one or the other. Most rotary style shavers are cordless—they are charged up with a plug charger or they are placed within a cleaning and charging unit.

10 Best Electric Razor for Women of 2016

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1. MatrixSight Set 4 in 1 Best Electric Razor for Women: Epilator/Callus Remover/Shaver/Hair.

2. Braun Silk-épil LS5160WD Lady Electric Razor – Wet & Dry Cordless Electric Hair Removal Razor and Bikini Trimmer for Women.Features:
4-in-1 DEVICE: Dead, hard dry skin on feet? Undesired hair on legs or arms? Unwanted ugly hair on other sensitive areas?… All are now the issues of the Past! All you need is a smart electric which is a callus Electric Razor, an epilator, a shaver and a clipper all in one. No need to separately buy all of different personal-care accessories as you will not have enough place to store them and eventually will mess all up.
RECHARGEABLE & CORDLESS: Rechargeable ensure you always use the device at optimal power. All in one set. Save a lot of money from purchasing batteries and no need to buy separate solutions to your hair and foot callus removal personal care accessories.
SAFE & EASY TO USE: This product is approved by CE international safety standards and will be safe during your taking care on your face or body. 2 level rolling speeds for your choice as a safety measure for individual sensitive skin. Its design ensures convenient handling. EASY to change header for different using purpose.
BEAUTY SPA LIKE RESULT: Experience beauty spa like results in the comfort of your home, or on travel. Moisturize after use by applying your favour skin cream. YOU will look BEAUTIFUL in your favorite SANDAL, graceful SKIRT, charming DRESS and hot BIKINI! Whenever you want, wherever you like.

3 Additional Accessories: Exfoliation attachment; Bikini Trimming attachment; OptiShave Attachment
Perfect adaptability: Rounded head gently adapts to body contours
Extra gentle: Rounded trimmer tips smoothly glide on the skin
Wet&Dry: Use in the bath or shower for ultra convenience
Additional Brush.

Product Description:
The Braun Silk-epil Lady Shaver – Gently Shave and exfoliate. Dual care: While shaving, the unique exfoliation attachment revitalizes the skin for a smooth, radiant appearance.When it comes to shaving, smooth skin matters most. Carefully crafted for a gentle shave, the dual-care Braun Silk-épil Lady Shaver includes a unique exfoliation attachment that revitalizes the skin for a smooth, radiant appearance. The Electric Razor rounded, gliding head is specially designed for the unique contours of the female form, namely your legs. The combination of a floating foil and long hair trimmer system guarantees extra close shaving results.

  • Now with one tool, you can shave your legs and even sensitive areas like the underarms and bikini line quickly and conveniently.
  • Wet & Dry Performance
    Ready for use in the bath or shower for added versatility and comfort
  • Rounded Head
    Gently adapts to your body’s natural contours
  • Rounded Trimmer Tips
    Designed to smoothly glide over skin for less irritation
  • Exfoliation Attachment
    Revitalizes the skin for a smooth, radiant appearance
  • Bikini Trimmer Attachment
    Gently shapes and safely grooms unwanted hair
  • OptiShave Attachment
    For a close, comfortable shave in and out of the bath or shower.

3. Remington WDF5030A Wet & Dry Women’s Rechargeable Electric Razor, Foil Shaver, Electric Razor, Shaver.


Smooth Glide Technology – The new open-blade cutting system allows for hair and shaving gels to easily pass through the foils and reach the blades, resulting in a smooth, silky shave
4-Blade Shaver – The hypoallergenic foils and trimmers move smoothly across the skin and leave no hair behind
Optimal Angle Head – Shaving blades are positioned so that foils stay flush to the skin for a close, comfortable shave
Flex Dual-Sided Trimmer – Get speed and smoothness from this special blade that preps longer hairs to be cut by the foils
Lift Logic Foils – The unique foil design allows for even shaving of all hair lengths by angling hairs towards the blades
Almond Oil Strip – Skin stays nourished and soft after shaving, as almond oil transfers to the skin with every pass
Anti-Microbial – The anti-microbial finish helps keep skin clear of breakouts
100% Waterproof – Use the shaver in the shower for maximum comfort and to save time on your daily routine
Soft-Touch Grip – The no-slip handle ensures confident use in or out of the shower
Also Included – Charge stand, bikini comb and head guard, and beauty bag for storage and travel.
Product Description:
Smooth Shave Technology delivers comfort, closeness, and convenience, in the Remington Smooth & Silky Women’s Rechargeable Shaver. The angled shaver head features four blades that stay close to the skin for swift, smooth results. The unique foils and special dual-sided trimmer guide hairs towards the blades to make every pass count. And you’ll love the convenience of the cordless, rechargeable shaver that can be used in the shower and with shaving gel. Plus, the moisturizing almond oil strip nourishes the skin during shaving for the ultimate comfort.
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4. Tezam Electric Hair Removal Shaver for Women, 3-Blade Wet/ Dry Shavers for Ladies, Portable Rechargeable Shaving Epilator Razor Ki

Product Description:
1.Professional home shaving machine with 3 blade technology make you get the smooth silky skin you’ve always wanted. Efficient shaving system guarantees gentle hair removing in the most sensitive areas and can remove hairs thoroughly.
2.With sealant technology the shaver resists water and can be used wet or dry, the epilator is whole body washable so that you can use it conveniently in the shower and simply rinse it with flushing water.
3. Small, Simple and Effective.The Electric Razor is designed with comfort and smoothness in mind,feels like it belongs just right in the palm of your hand.
Light weight epilator is great for travel, this women’s shaving kit is easy to use and an All-in-One package. Complete with a charging station and a cleaning brush.
Rechargeable designed , no battery needed,8 hours quick charge; The Input: AC 110V to 240V, 50/60Hz. If you are not satisfied just return it for a full refund. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!.

Color: Pink
PROFSSIONAL – With double blade technology, it effortlessly cuts through all curves and edges.
WET/DRY Electric Razor– We give you the convenience to use your cute shaver anywhere you’d like, even in the shower!
This Shaver has been designed specially for shaving the underarms and arms and removing body hairs,It can also be used to epilate the bikiniline, the upper lip, the chin and hard-to-reach areas, such knees and ankles.
Three-in-one blade design gives you comfortable and painless shaving experience.
SIMPLICITY – Unlike other shavers with multiple parts, blades and accessories, our women’s shaving kit is easy to use and an All-in-One package.
ERGONOMIC – Designed with comfort and smoothness in mind, this shaver feels like it belongs just right in the palm of your hand. Small, Simple and Effective.

5.Panasonic ES2113PC Electric Razor for Women, with Pivoting Head and Eyebrow Trimmer Attachments, Battery-Operated

1.The Panasonic facial trimmer
 uses a smooth pivoting head to gently follow the natural contours of the skin to closely trim unwanted hair on the face, chin and neckFeatures:

This personal shaver is equipped with a round-tipped, super-thin hypoallergenic blade to trims safely on sensitive skin without irritation

2.Trim and groom eyebrows with two precision snap-on eyebrow shaper comb attachments
This facial trimmer has been designed with a sleek, stylish profile to fit comfortably in either hand for total control and slips easily into beauty kit, bag or purse for trimming anytime.

6. Women’s Electric Razor By JTrim SilkTouch Close Shave wet dry Lady Body Groomer Rechargeable Personal Razor Bikini Trimmer Attachment Ladies In Pink JPT-LS300 Jay’sProducts.

Product Description:
1.Women’s Electric Razor By JTrim SilkTouch Close Shave wet dry Lady Body Groomer Rechargeable Personal Razor Bikini Trimmer Attachment Ladies In Pink JPT-LS300 Jay’s Products
2.The JTrim SilkTouch Lady Electric Razor is Powerful Machine , And The Closest, Shave Designed for Women’s
Cordless Rechargeable 110V-220V With US Plug 1 Year warranty
30 days free trial
This is JTrim high quality shaver its never pulls hair and it cuts very close better then all brands.

Women’s Electric Razor By JTrim SilkTouch Close Shave Lady Body Groomer Rechargeable Personal Electric Razor Bikini Trimmer Attachment Ladies In Pink JPT-LS300 Jay’s Products The JTrim SilkTouch Lady Shaver is Powerful Machine , And The Closest, Designed for Women’s, Electric Shaver for Women, razor for Women, lady shaver, trimmer for Women, women razor.

This Electric Razor gives a close shave. There is a trim option for longer hairs where the razor is stiff, and then a closer shave option where the razor is more flexible. I got a slight rash on my armpits from the trim option, so I’m not using it there anymore. I haven’t tried the bikini area yet, but it comes with an attachment for that. So far this razor works great on my legs, knees and ankles. The battery is good at holding a charge as well.

7. Codream 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Razor Pumice Stone Rollers, Lady Shaver, Epilator & Hair Clipper Exfoliates Dead Skin and Safe Hair Removal for Women or Men


1.GET ATTRACTIVE, SEXY AND SMOOTH SKIN FROM HEAD-TO-TOE: Exfoliates Dead, hard dry skin on feet; Removes Undesired hair on legs or arms, Unwanted ugly hair on other sensitive areas. 4-in-1 attachments include: epilation head, Pumice Stone head, shaver head and Hair Clipper.
2.RECHARGEABLE & CORDLESS: Rechargeable ensure you always use the device at optimal power. All in one set. Save a lot of money from purchasing batteries and no need to buy separate solutions to your hair and foot callus removal personal care accessories.
3.SAFE & EASY TO USE: This product is approved by CE international safety standards and will be safe during your taking care on your face or body. 2 level rolling speeds for your choice as a safety measure for individual sensitive skin. Its design ensures convenient handling. EASY to change header for different using purpose.
4.BEAUTY SPA LIKE RESULT: Experience beauty spa like results in the comfort of your home, or on travel. Moisturize after use by applying your favour skin cream. YOU will look BEAUTIFUL in your favorite SANDAL, graceful SKIRT, charming DRESS and hot BIKINI! Whenever you want, wherever you like. Perfect gifts for friends, family and children.

Product Description:
Remove Dead, hard dry skin on feet; Remove Undesired hair on legs or arms; Remove Unwanted ugly hair on other sensitive areas in all in one beauty tool .
Are you scared to show off your feet in front of your friends or significant partners Because of the dead, hard dry skin on feet ?

1- CALLUS REMOVER: easily and gently roll the hard, dry and coarse skin from your feet away with the micro mineral. Buff, smooth & massage your feet with the roller head. Provide a perfect professional salon pedicure results
2- SHAVER: Quick and easy shaving with foil and dual integrated hair trimmers. Perfect for bikini line and underarms or the upper lip, the chin…
3- CLIPPER: for previously trimming your long hair to around 5mm before the epilation to prevent hurt.
4- EPILATOR: for smooth non-irritating short hair removal, even the shortest, finest hair, in the underarms, bikini line and hard-to-reach areas, such knees and ankles.
5- SAVE TIME AND MONEY: letting you get professional salon pedicure results at home.
6- SAVE SPACE: This comfortable 4 in 1 electric device – Callus remover, Epilator, Shaver and Clipper is your ideal beauty care tool for travel or at home usage.

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8. Philips SatinShave Prestige Wet & dry cordless Electric Razor , 5 accessories.

Enjoy a gentle, luxurious shave on your legs, body, and bikini area with the Philips SatinShave Prestige ladyshaver. It comes with 5 accessories including a bikini trimmer head and features dual floating foils for a smooth, close shave. Its unique multiflex head glides along every curve for even fewer missed hairs while the exclusive skin protection system features soft-touch comfort cushions and a rounded pearl-tip trimmer to protect even the most sensitive skin from irritation. It can be used wet and dry with an anti-slip grip for easy use in the shower or bathtub. Features:
1.Multiflex head with floating foils and soft-touch comfort cushions for an effective yet gentle shave.
2.Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery provides 1 hour of cordless use after a 1 hour charge, and features a 5 minute quick charge.
3.Wet & dry use with an anti-slip grip.
Includes a bikini trimmer head, comb and an efficiency cap for gentle, effective hair removal from head-to-toe, as well as a travel cap and pouch.
4.Battery indicator light shows when charging & battery level, so you’re never surprised by a low battery mid-treatment.

The unique flexing curved blades sit under protective dual foils that closely follow your contours for your closest shave ever. SatinShave Prestige is preferred by manual razor users on legs and is the preferred ladyshaver for a more comfortable shave.So comfortable you can shave daily, so close you don’t have to.

9. TOUCHBeauty TB-1653 Mini Women’s Electric Razor Wet/Dry for Face/Arm/Body Hair

3.The Touch Beauty TB-1653 Mini
 Women’s Rotary Shaver Wet/Dry For Face/Arms/ Body Hair is a great product to take with you especially when you are traveling.Features:
1.Two blade precision rotary shaving system,Mini size asy for Traveling
2.Glides over body curves for a close shaving experience,suitable for dry/wet shave
Waterproof rotary hair shaver with lightweight,comfortable handling
Ergonomic grip,Fashionable design with Crystals Diamonds on the cap.

Product Description:

This razor is small and compact so it will fit in your purse or travel bag so you will have easy access to it when and where you need to use a razor to touch up areas with light or thin hairs on them. This works great on your face or under your arms for removing hair.

This razor has a cute sleek design and it is a pretty pink color with a little rhinestone on it that adds a nice and personal touch and feel to it. It can be used when you are wet or dry and you just need to perform a quick touch up. This razor will need two AA batteries before you can start using it.

It is very easy to turn this razor on and all you need to do is turn the same end where you insert the battery clockwise and it will come on. This razor is very quiet and makes virtually no sound at all when you are using it. It comes with its own cap that you can keep it covered with when you are not using it so that it will not get dirty or dusty. You also get a small cleaning brush that you can use so that you can keep the hairs cleaned out of the razor once you are finished using it. This is a great product that I would definitely recommend when you need to touch up areas and remove hairs. It would also make a great gift.

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10.Best Women’s Wet/Dry Electric Razor – Precision Shaving & Bikini Area Trimming – Touchable & Smooth Results for Sensitive Skin – Rechargeable – By Creation Springs.

Product Description:
1.LADIES LIKE OPTIONS: Use With or Without Shaving Cream or Gel to Get the Closest, Smoothest Shave Possible. Specially Designed for a Woman’s Unique Contours
2.LADIES LIKE TO SAVE TIME: Fast, Efficient and Gentle on Skin with a Powerful, yet Safe and Gentle Motor. It’s Always Charged and Ready to Go in its Charging Stand. Easy to Clean by Placing Head Under a Gently Running Faucet
3.LADIES LIKE TOUCHABLE, SMOOTH SKIN: Hypo-Allergenic Precision Stainless Steel Blades and Foil for Close Shaving on Sensitive Skin, Leaving No Irritation Behind
4.LADIES LIKE ALL THINGS PRETTY: This Shaver Comes Packaged in a Beautiful Box that Makes it the Perfect Gift for Any Woman. It’s Aesthetically Pleasing to Look At In or Out of Its Charging Base. Ergonomically Designed for a Woman’s Hand Makes this Shaver Easy on the Eyes and Easy to Use.
5.FUTURISTIC DESIGN: Looks Great in Any Bathroom on Any Counter.

Have You Been Searching for the Perfect Electric Razor Designed to Meet All of a Woman’s Special Shaving Needs? Introducing Creation Springs Rechargeable Wet or Dry Lady Shaver Made to move with the special curves of a woman’s body instead of working against them. The independent, floating head glides over the contours of legs, bikini area and underarms, leaving only the smoothest skin behind. Will not irritate sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic, precision-made stainless steel foil is extremely gentle on sensitive skin, so you won’t have to worry about irritation or abrasions. The Creation Springs Lady Shaver is designed with a trimmer and blade guard to help in two ways.

1) Each side of the foil shaver is a trimmer for fast and easy trimming of longer hairs.

2) The blade guard doubles as a cutting guide and comb to trim and create any desired look around the bikini area.

Creation Springs Lady Electric Razor comes with everything you need. Includes shaver, charger, charging stand, cleaning brush, lace pouch, protection cap with comb and instruction booklet.

Wow! This Electric Razor gives you a fantastic close shave with no bumps, no hair pulling, and leaving no rough skin behind. It is an amazing wet/dry shaver that has a really sturdy base.

User Reviews:

I have to admit I was drawn to the pretty pinkish purple color immediately, but was then further enchanted by the feel of the shaver in my hand. I like the design. I can hold it multiple ways to get to various body parts and it still remains comfortable.

It has a super sturdy base (which is a pet peeve of mine – having bathroom implements like electric toothbrushes, face cleaners, or shavers that fall off their bases or are wobbly – hate that!) which DOES NOT TIP OVER! It has a completely breakdown design so you can thoroughly clean it. And it has a replaceable head in case you shave a great deal and dull the blade. The company, Creation Springs, recommends replacing the head after a years use. I’ve only had it a week, so I can’t tell if this is accurate or not.

Hope a detailed analysis has been done on 10 Best Electric Razor for Women of 2016 to help you in Purchase the Best one.